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Who's Behind The Addiction Resource Guide?

Addiction Resource Guide is an internet company whose mission is to help professionals and consumers find resources for dealing with addictive problems.

What is special about Addiction Resource Guide? It is our people and the experience they bring to our work. Dr. Jeffery Smith brings 20 years of psychiatric practice including 16 years directing clinical addiction services and 10 years as an entrepreneur and director of Cortland Medical, an outpatient addiction treatment center. With this experience, comes a knowledge of what makes one program right for a particular individual. At Cortland Medical he often referred patients to inpatient facilities, and had been in a position to see firsthand the results of the work they do. This experience is built into the questions we ask in order to bring out the important characteristics and qualities of the programs we list.

Polly Waldman, MS brings 30 years as an educator and more recent experience as a consumer seeking help for a family member. Her rare combination of intelligence, focus and ability to get things done has provided the impetus to make the Addiction Resource Guide come to life.

However, we all know that it takes more than good intentions and relevant experience to make an internet company successful. As entrepreneurs, we know that the information we publish must be concise, informative and easy to use. We are interested in your suggestions and help because we know that the partnerships we form with treatment providers and those who use our listings are the foundation of our future.

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Addiction Resource Guide wants you to understand that neither the accuracy of the information presented, nor its applicability to your particular situation can be guaranteed. Addiction is a life threatening problem, whose causes are not fully known and whose cure is in no way certain. When entering into treatment, you should obtain professional evaluation of your individual situation by a duly licensed individual or program.

Accuracy of information:

We are human and cannot guarantee that we have entered information correctly from the materials provided to us by programs listed. In addition, programs change, and despite our efforts to keep up to date, some information may be out of date at the time you access it. Please verify specifics before you commit to a particular treatment program.

Applicability of information:

Guidelines and ideas presented on these pages are intended to be helpful in locating appropriate help. They are not to be considered final or definitive because each individual situation is unique.
Addiction treatment is an art with a modest amount of science. There are many different approaches and philosophies. The ideas presented here are based on our own training and experience working with individuals and families involved in recovery. We do have two biases: First, we do regard addiction as a "disease." (Those affected by addiction are still responsible for their recovery). Second, we have a bias in favor of 12 -step programs as being the one most helpful resource for people who want to recover from addiction.

Comprehensiveness of information provided:

The information we present is based on the belief that people can best choose for themselves. We will attempt to provide information that covers what we personally believe to be mainstream points of view and programs. The breadth and comprehensiveness of the information presented is not guaranteed.

Addiction Resource Guide Staff.

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If your facility would like a listing on this guide, or if you would like to give us feedback on this site, please contact us.

Addiction Resource Guide

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