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Joyce Sundin
Solo Practice - Seattle, Washington

"In Our Own Words"

Joyce Sundin

What Makes Us Different and Special:

"Getting the dependent to treatment is only part of the goal. I help the rest of the system see the ways they've unwittingly been complicit; the ways they've enabled and to change themselves which will have profound impact on their loved one. In other words, to focus on their own respective recoveries. I've been doing Intervention for 27 years, having pioneered it in the NW and taught Intervention process at Seattle University for 7 years. I see better than 90% of the time, the dependent chooses treatment."

What Advice Would You Give to Prospective Clients:

"Set up an assessment meeting (pre-Intervention) to explore options. This is a time to define the problem, meet each other and look at possible options, strategies and treatment possibilities, to see if an Intervention is necessary or appropriate. Be pro-active."

Overview of Practice:

"Work with family and friends (co-workers,etc.) to train and facilitate comprehensive Interventions. I stay engaged with the entire family/friend system starting at pre-treatment, during treatment and concluding post-treatment."

What Special Training Does the Staff Have:

"Seattle University Addition Studies Program - completed 1977. Johnson Institute model of Intervention. Speare/Raiter Invitational model of Intervention. Arise model. Storti model. 29 years of continuing educational credits related to addictions."
Affliated with a treatment facility or program: No

  • Geographic Availability:

    Local Yes, Seattle, WA
    Regional US) Yes
    International Yes

  • Types of Interventions Facilitated:

    Crisis Yes
    Family Yes
    Executive/Workplace Yes

  • Addictions and self-destructive behaviors worked with:

  • Alcohol
  • Codependency
  • Eating Disorders
  • Gambling
  • Internet
  • Other Drugs
  • Sexual Addictions

  • STAFF:

    Number of people on staff: 1
    Qualifications: CCDCII, NCACII, CPGC
    Accreditations: Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS); Board Registered Interventionist II


    Cost for Intervention: $375-Assessment
    $500-$5000 Intervention
    Travel expenses included: No
    If NO, how is cost calculated: Flat Rate plus Travel Expenses
    Arrangement possible for insurance coverage: Yes, Some insurance companies will cover, but most won't.

  • Contact Information:
    General Telephone Number: (888) 634-0434
    24 Hour HOTLINE: None
    Address: 4649 Sunnyside Avenue North, Ste. 342
    Seattle, Washington 98103
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    Joyce Sundin