Addiction Resource Guide

Giordano & Goldfarb Holistic Treatment Program

Freestanding Outpatient Chemical Dependency Rehab Dade County, FLorida

The Program
"In Its Own Words"


What Makes Us Different & Special:

"Chronic relapse specialist"

Treatment Philosophy:

"Holistic approach - 12 Step"

Family Program:

"One time per week for one year family therapy group plus individual family therapy while in treatment"

Who We Serve

"17 to 65 year old - Gay, lesbian and heterosexual"
    Evening Treatment Available Yes
    Detox Available: Yes

    Client Population Profile:

    Average number of individuals seen each week: 24
    Average number of adolescents seen each week: 2
    Percent receiving treatment 3 times a week or more 100%
    Percent employed 10%
    Percent women 40%
    Percent of CD clients primarily alcohol dependent 30%
    Percent of CD clients primarily other drug dependent 70%
    Percent active in 12 Step group AND have a sponsor 100%
    Receiving receiving individual sessions only 0%
    Receiving receiving psychiatric medication (from any source) 50%

    Licensing and Accreditation:

    Licensed by: Florida Dept. for Children and Families
    Type of License: Residential II and Day-Night
    Accredited by: None

Contact Information:
Admissions Telephone Number: (305) 945-8384
Address: 16170 NE 11 Ct.
North Miami Beach, FL 33162