Addiction Resource Guide

Penn Foundation Recovery Center

Freestanding Chemical Dependency Rehab

The Program
"In Its Own Words"


Self Description:

"The Recovery Center provides detoxification, inpatient, day treatment, outpatient treatment, integrated psychiatric care and home based programs for those of with any type of substance abuse or dependence problem."

Treatment Philosophy:

"The Recovery Center has a "family-as-a-part-of-the-team" approach. This approach recognizes the family as vital to lasting recovery - even more important than individual patient motivation. We coach the family on how to promote recovery before, during and after treatment."

Approach to Dual Diagnosis:

"The mental health and addiction diagnoses are both separate and integrated; we treat this duality as such."

Family Program:

"The family is key to lasting recovery. We offer a full array of family "coaching" services."

Position on 12 Step Involvement:

"We utilize the 12 Step philosophy as a spiritual base but recognize there are additional/separate recovery concepts networks available."

Position on Confrontation:

"No outcome research has shown the benefits of 'Confrontation.' However, we incorporate a 'ladder of interventions' believing that the least obtrusive intervention is always the best."

Additional Characteristics:

"We specialize in the 'impossible' cases. Our Rehab at Home program is the first of its kind. We treat the whole person:psychiatrically, spiritually, socially and physically. No one offers more substance abuse programs on one campus."


  • Number of Beds: 33
    Detox Available: Yes

  • Last Year's Admissions:

    Total Annual Admits: 500
    Average Length of Stay 21 days
    Percent of Women 38%
    Percent under age 25 35%
    Percent with College Education: 5%
    Percent Covered by Public assistance 80%
    Receiving some form of psychiatric medication other than for detoxification:70%

  • Admissions Procedures:

    Night Admission Available: No
    Weekend Admission available: No
    Face to Face Interview or exam required before admission: Yes


Facility has special track for:
  • Psychiatric (Dual Diagnosis)

  • Facility has group sessions for:
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Men
  • Relapse
  • Women


    Self-pay Cost per Week: approx. $2500
    Public Assistance coverage may be accepted: Yes (PA county funding)
    Medicare Coverage accepted: No
    Insurance Coverage verified before admission: Yes
    Follow-up Care included at no additional charge: Yes


    Licensed by: Pa. Bureau of Drug & Alcohol Programs and Pa. Office of Mental Health
    Type of License: Drug & Alcohol license and OMH RTFA license(Residential Treatment Facility for Adults)
    Accredited by: CARF

    Contact Information:

    Admissions Telephone Number: (215) 453-5174
    General Information: (215) 257-9999
    Address: 807 Lawn Avenue
    Sellersville, PA 18960