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Rosewood Ranch - Women's Center for Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders Freestanding Inpatient Facility

The Program
"In Its Own Words"


Self Description:

"The length of stay is driven by individual needs, rate of progress and is indicated by unsuccessful attempts at lower levels of care or severe comorbidity."

Treatment Philosophy:

"We acknowledge multifaceted etiological factors in eating disorders by a treatment plan driven by a comprehensive medical and psychological assessment including stabilization of medical complications, nutritional stabilization, psychiatric stabilization, identification of psychological factors, behavioral dyscontrol and social stressors."

Family Program:

"The Family Program is a 3 day intensive that assists families gain knowledge of eating disorders, family system issues and healthy nutrition with a goal to establish authentic communication between family members and to develop and practice healthier living skills within the family system."

Position On 12 Step Involvement:

"Adjunctive intervention to provide support and promote recovery adherence."

Position On Approach to Compulsive Overeating vs. Anorexia/Bulimia:

"Both emphasize the importance of following an appropriate meal plan where we identify relapse triggers, address body image disturbances and develop appropriate affect regulation and tolerance strategies."

Additional Characteristics:

"We also treat substance abuse, alcohol abuse, mood disorders and provide medical stabilization. Equipped for detox and acute patients. 12 Step and adjunctive support programs."


    Number of Beds: 14
    Population Served: Women 18 years and older

  • Last Year's Admissions:

    Total Annual Admits: 140
    Average Length of Stay 45-60 days
    Percent of Women 100%
    Percent under age 25 Atleast 50%
    Percent with College Education: 80%
    Percent Covered by Public assistance 2%
    Receiving some form of psychiatric medication: 70%

  • Admissions Procedures:

    Night Admission Available: Yes
    Weekend Admission available: Yes
    Face to Face Interview or exam required before admission: No


Self-pay Cost per week: Approx. $9100
Public Assistance coverage may be accepted: Yes
Medicare Coverage accepted: No
Insurance Coverage verified before admission: Yes
Follow-up Care included at no additional charge: No


Licensed by: State of Arizona
Type of License: Level 1 Behavioral Healthcare Facility
Accredited by: JCAHO

Contact Information:

Admissions Telephone Number: 800 845-2211
General Information: 800 845-2211
Address: 36075 Rincon Rd.
Wickenburg, Arizona 85390