Beacon Health Insurance

Beacon Health Options, also known as ValueOptions, offers a variety of services to treat mental illness as a condition that requires medication to be effective. The company said it is the undisputed leader in behavioral healthcare with 40 million customers in every state. The merged Beacon Health Strategies and ValueOptions company said it was the … Read more

How Many Times Will Insurance Pay For Rehab?

Health insurance often covers all or part of alcohol rehabilitation. Addiction is a disease and should be treated like cardiovascular disease or cancer. Several factors influence the amount and type of alcoholism treatment each insurance plan provides. Here you can find out more about specific insurance options. For rehabilitation therapies not covered by insurance, private … Read more

Will Your Insurance Cover Alcohol Intoxication?

There are various rules and regulations regarding insurance coverage. In addition, different US states treat alcoholism and other crimes committed by people who drink too much differently. This affects how insurance companies cover crimes committed under the influence of alcohol and other substances. This article looks at whether your insurance is likely to cover alcohol … Read more

How To Select A PPO Insurance Plan For Rehab

Finding the proper coverage plan for rehab and dependancy remedy may be tricky. In particular, PPO regulations aren’t constantly handy to everyone. We discover what you want to appearance out for while deciding on a PPO coverage for rehab. What’s Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Insurance Cover? A favored company business enterprise is an coverage coverage … Read more

Does United Healthcare Cover Suboxone?

Sublocade can be purchased only via specialized REMS programs called the “Sublocade REMS program” because of the danger that an intravenous reversibility of gastrointestinal problems will result. Opioid abuse has become a major public health crisis in recent years. In 2016 alone, more than 70,000 Americans died from drug overdoses. This number is expected to … Read more

How Many Days Of Rehab Will Cigna Pay For?

Cigna is responsible for providing health insurance to hundreds of millions of patients around the world. While the majority of people are aware of substance abuse and mental health treatment insurance coverage, many are still unsure of the details of what their policy covers. Does Cigna’s insurance company cover the costs of addiction treatment and … Read more