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It is important to note that drug rehab in Jacksonville Florida is not free, as there are many different types of programs and treatments available. Depending on the type of program chosen, the cost can vary greatly, so it is important to research all of your options before making a decision.

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Jacksonville, FL Alcohol & Drug Rehab Program

If you are looking for an alcohol and drug rehab program in Jacksonville, Florida, there are many options available. From inpatient treatment centers to outpatient programs, the city has a wide array of choices to help individuals struggling with addiction. Whether you need residential treatment, medication-assisted treatment (MAT). There are many alcohol rehab centers Jacksonville, Florida. Each facility offers different services and programs to meet the individual needs of each person seeking treatment.

There are several women’s rehab centers in Jacksonville, Florida. Some of these include the Jacksonville Women’s Recovery Center, The Women’s Center of Jacksonville, and the Betty Ford Center at UF Health. A free rehab center is a facility that provides treatment and support services to individuals suffering from substance abuse or addiction. Free alcohol rehab is a type of treatment program that does not require any form of payment. These programs are usually funded by either the government, nonprofits, or charities.

Jacksonville Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Living in Jacksonville, Florida can prove difficult for many people to recover after an alcoholism crisis. Despite a decrease in methamphetamine and cocaine consumption between 2016 and 2017, the number of fatalities has fallen dramatically. If you have been addicted to alcohol, you may have a number of treatment solutions available to help.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with countless rehab options, you may need a consultation with your physician for an evaluation. Long-term rehabilitation centers provide comprehensive care for individuals who have experienced a serious injury or illness. Jacksonville drug rehab These include residential treatment programs, outpatient programs, detoxification and aftercare services. There are many alcohol rehab centers in Jacksonville, Fl. Some of the top-rated facilities include New Vision Wilderness, River Region Human Services, and The Recovery Place. Each of these treatment centers provides comprehensive care for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction treatment.

In dual diagnosis treatment, we identify any psychiatric problems and treat them alongside the drug or alcohol addiction. Learn More Medical Detox Addiction recovery is seldom a linear process. It can take many turns. Perhaps you have never reached out before, but know things need to change. There are several drug rehab centers in Jacksonville, FL. Some of the most well-known include River Region Human Services, Gateway Community Services, and Lakeview Health. There are several jacksonville rehabilitation centers.

Recovery News

January 18, 2020 The term “drug” is dangerous. Sometimes you can not tell if someone uses it. Read more February 16th, 2023 when someone is using or drinking a substance it can be more than one drug. Many addicts use. Continue reading January 13, 2020 It’s impossible to have perfect relationships. All relationships are different. Things that work for one couple can not work for another. Treatment like EDM therapy or Cognitive behavioral therapy may assist in improving the health of the person recovering. The treatment is called EDMDR.


Stepping Stone provides two high quality addiction services geared towards individual needs. Stepping Stone Centers is an addiction treatment center that provides specialized care for the addiction. Let us help you to start recovering. Our two programs offer short-term residential treatment. The stabilisation programs provide medical detox to remove toxic substances in our system if needed and help us with our recovery program. This program helps people learn how to deal with relapse, sobriety and recovery in recovery from addictions.

These services include but are not limited to individual and group counseling, behavioral therapy, trauma related counseling, motivational interviewing, anger management and relapse prevention. Payment forms accepted for these services include cash or self payment and private health insurance.

Rehabilitation Success Relapse Prevention

Our drug treatment program is based upon evidence-based research and is based upon prevention. It has been proven effective in helping patients who have experienced limited success in previous alcohol treatment programs and efforts attempting to get off of drugs and alcohol.

IOP groups consist of education about drugs and alcohol, relapse prevention, and substance abuse & mental health counseling. Groups meet 4-5 days per week for 3 hour sessions. Both morning and evening programs are offered. Addiction to drugs and alcohol impacts the individuals and families rehab centers in Jacksonville fl. There are numerous alcohol treatment centers Jacksonville, Fl. Additionally, many of these centers offer detoxification, residential treatment, and outpatient programs.

Addiction Programs for Every Stage of Recovery

All our participants are given individual lessons which help them to progress through the phases of change and develop a new lifestyle. During periods of intense cravings for a particular type of substance, the change of thinking becomes much easier; for many patients the craving reducing medication should also have been prescribed.

We also address and care for those struggling with co-occurring disorders that are often present in those suffering from addictions. Awakening is an outpatient drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment center that provides individualized outpatient and intensive outpatient programs to individuals in and around Jacksonville, Florida.

Individualized Addiction Treatment Programs

We offer addiction counseling for individuals with serious mental health issues and addiction symptoms. Awakening strongly supports the benefits of individual counseling sessions, thus offering each individual session weekly. Women’s rehabilitation is a program or approach that specifically focuses on helping women who have experienced trauma or other mental health issues.

Convenient Outpatient Treatment Options

Awakening Recovery Centers drug and alcohol treatment programs are delivered in a supportive environment allowing for a successful recovery journey as long as the patient is active in a job & living at home. We will assist you in maintaining your employment income as you undergo substance abuse treatment.

Alcohol IOP rehab and alcohol treatment center in Florida – provides structured help for alcoholism and drug addiction while allowing the affected person to live at home. We also address and care for those struggling with co-occurring disorders that are often present in those suffering from addictions.

There are a variety of outpatient rehab centers in Jacksonville, Florida. Some of the more popular centers include: Beachway Therapy Center, Pathways to Recovery, and New Beginnings Recovery Center. Each of these centers offers different types of services and programs that can help those struggling with addiction.

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