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About Our Philadelphia Location Our addiction treatment center is conveniently located on Walnut Street, just two blocks from City Hall. We accept most commercial insurances and self-pay patients (no county or Medicaid funding). Our team serves downtown Philadelphia and surrounding neighborhoods.

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Many facilities conduct an initial assessment to place patients in the right treatment program, but understanding what your treatment options are ahead of time can help you feel empowered. Treatment typically falls into two different categories: inpatient and outpatient. An inpatient drug rehab in Philadelphia will have patients live onsite for several weeks or months depending on the recommended treatment plan.

Top Drug Rehabs in Philadelphia | Addiction Treatment in Philly, PA

When someone is experiencing trouble with alcohol and drugs, they need help to take back control over their daily lives. Unfortunately, Philadelphia has a few rehab options which offer evidence-based rehabilitation programs at detox facilities inpatients and hospital facilities. Special treatment centers are also available including programs for medical professionals, first responders, attorneys and veterans.

We provide listings of rehabs near Philadelphia for people who want to narrow down the results. Filter by the type or level of services provided, insurance options, location, or other information. Read helpful feedback from alumni programs and discover the right option for you.

More Treatment Centers within 120 miles of Philadelphia, PA

PATH, Inc. 8220 Castor Avenue Philadelphia, PA 18154 Healing Way 7390 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 18136 the Bridge 1100 Adams Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19134 Merakey 1082 Knights Street Philadelphia, PA 19154 Working Group 34007.

When you attend our IOP, you’ll participate in group therapy daily. Individualized therapy only occurs once a week. The programs at Peace Valley Recovery bridge the gap from inpatient to outpatient. We can help you get the support needed to continue your success.

Eating Disorder Clinical Director

Stephanie received her bachelors in psychology and a masters in counseling psychology, and has a concentration in school counseling and mental health. Stephanie began working on a specialized research program for adolescent girls with eating disorders. Stephanie specializes in eating disorders for over ten years.

Full treatment services, including medical and behavioral therapy, are provided all at one location. Outpatient treatment programs in Philadelphia provide flexibility to those who are unable to take time away from their regular lives, work or school.

Office of Addiction Services

It operates a Drug Treatment Service office to help individuals find quality treatment for their mental health and addictions. The Office of Addiction Services offers affordable and reliable drug rehab services.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

You may be required to begin a rehabilitation program. These courses exist throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding region. Philadelphia has sixteen drug rehab centers for the inpatient population. These programs can be offered locally, supported from the government or in hospital environments. The detox center has four in-house rooms. Ideally it helps re-cover physical addiction. Get information now!

We also have another outpatient rehab center in Northeast Philadelphia , for those who live closer to that neighborhood. Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) For adults who need more frequent counseling sessions, intensive outpatient provides a higher level of support. You will participate in both group and individual therapy and learn how to cope with stress without turning to alcohol or drugs.

Latest Reviews of Rehabs in Pennsylvania

Fairmount provides compassionate treatment to those diagnosed with PTSD. My behavior was acknowledged. I was responding therapeutically to my actions instead of threatening. The team worked with our families in order to move on with the project. The doctor analyzed the medications carefully and didn’t overdose me.

For me the gym facilities were very helpful. It was a pleasure meeting him and the espal does a good job. I drank since I was a child. I have AA steps with 10 steps. Disulfiram tablets. It didn’t work. Now I’ll be happy.

Benefits of Going to Addiction Treatment

Getting into treatment for addictions may change your life. Peace Valley Recovery helps people understand how they’re addicted. Let us heal ourselves! We’ll give you more clarity of thought in your recovery. Our therapeutic programs offer information about the reasons behind your addiction. This is due mainly to loss and pain. Our therapy programs are designed to help people develop their coping skills. Often, unreported psychological conditions or psychological problems may explain self-medication.

We’ll show how mental health is possible. This mental illness includes stress disorder, trauma or depression. We help you understand that you might have mental health issues. These mental health issues could include anxiety, trauma, and depression. Our addiction therapy will help you identify the causes of your addiction. How to Pay for Treatment In the 2014 Affordable Care Act, substance abuse is part of health insurance.

AA Meetings in Philadelphia

Anonymous Narcotics is an offshoot of AA programs focused on people recovering from their addictions. Following 12 steps similar to Alcoholic Anonymous, with special attention to narcotics. Narcotics Anonymous helps clean people understand how they can survive and feel better. NA meetings in Philadelphia are open to those looking for ways to stop the use or use of addictive drugs.

Rehab In The Philadelphia Area

At Peace Valley Recovery, we have two best programs for treating addictions. Our program provides part-hospitalization and intensive outpatient services. MossRehab, Magee Rehabilitation, Good Shepherd Penn Partners. Holistic rehab is a type of rehabilitation program that uses a holistic approach to recovery.

The Wright Center offers a range of behavioral health services that help adults, children, and adolescents address emotional challenges through therapy services, psychological assessments, and psychiatric care. Women’s rehabilitation is a program or approach that specifically focuses on helping women who have experienced trauma or other mental health issues.

How many months does it take to rehab?

It’s advisable to take some time for recovery before returning. Addiction treatment generally lasts around ten days but sometimes 60 to 90 days. In mild addictions, it is possible that one needs treatment for several weeks before returning home.

Banyan Philadelphia Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania We stand as a leader in providing growth through recovery by offering our patients multiple levels of addiction treatment programs in Philadelphia.

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