How Many Days Of Rehab Will Cigna Pay For?

Cigna is in charge of providing health insurance to hundreds of millions of patients around the world.

Even though the vast majority of individuals are aware of their insurance coverage for drug abuse and mental health treatment, many are still uncertain about the specifics of what their policies cover. 

How Many Days Of Rehab Will Cigna Pay For

Does the insurer Cigna cover the costs of addiction treatment and rehabilitation? Shortly put, it will cover at least a percentage of the costs though it is not guaranteed that it will cover all of it.  

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the treatments that Cigna covers. 

Alcohol And Drug Treatment 

Cigna covers the costs of substance abuse treatment for its subscribers.

Due to its partnership with addiction treatment centers around the country, Cigna can provide members with a wide selection of detoxification, inpatient residential treatment, and outpatient treatment programs at greatly discounted rates. 

Behavioral health therapy, which includes treatment for drug use disorder, is mandated to be covered by insurance companies to some extent.

This is required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and includes coverage for drug and alcohol addiction. 

Detox Services 

You may want assistance while detoxing from drugs and alcohol, and the process can be tough, unpleasant, and even life-threatening if not completed appropriately. 

Medical detox helps you to safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol since you will always be under the supervision of a medical practitioner during your detoxification.

You may be offered medications to help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal.

Inpatient Care

Residents in inpatient/residential live-in treatment programs get drug and alcohol treatment while they are still residing on the premises of the facility where they are being treated. 

Inpatient therapies, on average, last 15 to 90 days, depending on the program you’re in and your unique needs.

Outpatient Care

Following inpatient treatment, many people who have finished it are sent to outpatient therapy to continue receiving aid on their journey to recovery.

You live at home and attend treatment and support sessions at a rehabilitation facility for 10 to 12 hours per week, depending on your circumstances.

Your total out-of-pocket expenditures for addiction treatment will be decided by the specific Cigna plan you choose to enroll in and enroll in.

There are a variety of monthly premiums, copays, deductibles, and other possible expenses associated with each plan, all of which are distinct from one another. 

If you have Cigna health insurance, on the other hand, at the very least a portion of your charges should be covered by your policy at no additional cost to you.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive outpatient rehab and therapy entails attending treatment programs on a few evenings a week for an extended period. During an intensive outpatient program (IOP), you can continue to live at home and even work during the day if you choose.

Partial Hospitalization Program 

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are programs that allow you to remain at home while still getting therapy during the day. They are also known as day treatment programs.

What If Cigna Can’t Cover All The Costs?

What If Cigna Can’t Cover All The Costs?

Your Cigna policy may provide partial or whole coverage for your rehabilitation-related expenses, depending on your specific situation.

Depending on your insurance policy, you may be responsible for a portion or all of the costs connected with treatment at drug and alcohol rehab clinics and treatment facilities for addiction. 

An admissions specialist at the substance abuse rehabilitation center you are considering may help you acquire a better understanding of what is covered by your insurance coverage and what your financial responsibilities will be during your treatment.

Whatever the cost of treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, it is vital that you do not allow financial concerns to keep you from obtaining treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

It is possible to get financial assistance to cover the cost of the course, which may include payment plans, scholarships, and grants in certain circumstances.

Cigna Plans

Cigna provides a variety of health insurance plans so you can make the best choice for your needs. Here are the coverage plans that they offer. 

Health Management Organization (HMO)

This is an excellent alternative for consumers who don’t mind having a restricted number of doctors inside the Cigna network that they may see.

In-network health maintenance organizations (HMOs) cover treatment given by physicians and institutions that have contracted directly with the insurance carrier.

Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) 

This gives the customer some flexibility when it comes to choosing the right place or doctor to treat their needs. 

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Patients who enroll in a PPO plan have the option of choosing from a larger pool of healthcare providers.

Despite this, getting care outside of the network frequently causes greater out-of-pocket expenses for the patient.


This plan provides customers with an economical option to access healthcare services from a limited network of providers.

You have the option of including solely services from the network or including services from outside the network in your package (for an additional cost).

OAP (Open-Access Plan)

While comparable to a PPO plan in many ways offers a greater number of providers available to the plan’s members.

OAP plans also provide you the option of paying additional fees if you want to go outside of the network.


If you need to enter a rehab facility or are wanting to try any other rehab/addiction/mental health treatments, then Cigna should cover at least a bit of the cost.

Very often though, they can cover the full cost of a 30-day treatment. If they are not able to pay for the whole treatment, then they can support you in getting other financial help. 

Be sure to contact them directly to find out exactly how much your plan will cover and any other information you might need to get from them!

Ryan Ascroft