The Ranch

Long Term Residential Program



Number of Beds: 10 female/10 male/ 9 female ED
Detox Available: Will assist clients obtain detox in nearby facility

Last Year’s Admissions:

Total Annual Admits 125
Average Length of Stay 60 days
Percent of Women 65%
Percent under 25 35%
Percent with College Education 80%
Percent covered by Public Assistance 0%
Receiving some form of psychiatric medication other than for detoxification 60%

Admissions Procedures:

Night Admission Available: Yes
Weekend Admission available: Yes
Face to Face Interview or exam required before admission: No



Self-pay Cost: Call for current pricing
Public Assistance coverage may be accepted: No
Medicare Coverage accepted: No
Insurance Coverage verified before admission: No
Follow-up Care included at no additional charge: No



Licensed by: TN Dept. of Mental Health
Type of License: Pending IOP Supportive Living
Accredited by: None


Self Description:

“The Ranch’s program offers various experiential modalities to help clients identify and heal underlying issues which create the need to self-medicate. We offer comprehensive therapy for men and women age 18 and over for addictive and compulsive behaviors.”

Treatment Philosophy:

“At The Ranch, we believe in the power of Nature to heal. Time for oneself, nurturing care, guidance and structure from skilled helpers balanced with choices for solitude and reflection are provided. This allows an individual to discover or rediscover a relationship to himself and his place in his great natural order.”

Approach to Dual Diagnosis:

“Experience shows us that 80%-90% of clients who come out of primary treatment are dealing with trauma, eating disorders, mental health issues, and other self-sabotaging behaviors as an underlying cause to their addictions. The Ranch has created a comprehensive, holistic healing and awareness program to address these underlying issues.”

Family Program:

“Approximately every 4 weeks we provide a Family of Origin weekend designed to increase awareness, understanding, and forgiveness. Family work is done on an individual basis with a primary therapist as needed.”

Position on 12 Step Involvement:

“12 Step program work is one of the many modalities employed by The Ranch. Our clients attend both in-house 12 Step meetings and off campus meetings as part of their scheduled curriculum.”

Position on Confrontation:

“The proper format for confrontation is addressed in the client’s first community meeting. The client is taught that the purpose of confrontation is to learn to express his/her feelings in a healthy manner, and that he/she is responsible for those feelings.”

Additional Characteristics:

“The Ranch’s success rate with the most challenging of clients is directly related to the depth and broad nature of our program. This enables The Ranch to hold the interest of the client as well as challenging their belief systems, a necessity if clients are to break free of their destructive behavioral patterns.”

Contact Information:
Admissions Telephone Number: (866) 932-5985
General Information: (866) 932-5985
Address: PO Box 38
Nunnelly, TN 37137