Recovery Acres Society

Long Term Residential Program



Number of Beds: 31
Detox Available: No

Last Year’s Admissions:

Total Annual Admits: 255
Average Length of Stay 3-4 months
Percent of Women 0
Percent under 25 10%
Percent with College Education: 4%
Percent Covered by Public assistance 100%
Receiving some form of psychiatric medication other than for detoxification: 10%

Admissions Procedures:

Night Admission Available: No
Weekend Admission available: Yes
Face to Face Interview or exam required before admission: Yes



Facility has group sessions for:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Compulsive Gambling
  • Men
  • Relapse



Self-pay Cost per Week: $120
Public Assistance coverage may be accepted: Yes
Medicare Coverage accepted: N/A
Insurance Coverage verified before admission: Yes
Follow-up Care included at no additional charge: Yes



Licensed by: Alberta Social Care Facilities
Type of License: Operate residential, social care facility
Accredited by: Alberta Family & Social Services


Self Description:

“Upon completion of our two week residential treatment program a client may enter our long term residential program.”

Treatment Philosophy:

“Based upon the 12 Step model of recovery, our agency strives to maximize an individual’s ability to recover from substance abuse through the provision of quality treatment programming.”

Approach to Dual Diagnosis:

“If dually diagnosed referred to appropriate facility.”

Family Program:

“Family involvement is strongly encouraged but is done on informal basis.”

Additional Characteristics:

“Day programming provided, very successful, strong alumni involvement, psych consults performed on all clients.”

Position on 12 Step Involvement:

“Treatment program centers around 12 Step model.”

Position on Confrontation:

“Confrontation is discouraged, however, challenging clients is acceptable.”

Contact Information:

Admissions Telephone Number: (866) 932-5985
General Information: (866) 932-5985
Address: 1835 27th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2T1H2