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We have different wounds in each case. Windmill Wellness Ranch focuses on the healing of individuals not simply their underlying addictions. We work on the underlying issues of mental illness and mental health. We provide for the personal health and the relationships of people. We can help you identify and integrate your authentic fullness and balance. Many people seeking support feel stuck. We have helped thousands of people find happiness at Windmill Wellness Ranch and we have been helping people to achieve that. Our programs differ from others.

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Why choose Soba Texas?

Sobra Texas employees are dedicated to ending the relapse from addiction. We are dedicated and experienced to providing quality care and personalized services to our patients in a unique environment that utilizes proven techniques and treatments. Soba Texas offers inpatient or outpatient treatment options, transition assistance and after-treatment services. Our recovery programme provides assistance in recovering from addiction and other mental health problems.

Texas addiction treatment

The focus in SOBA will be on ensuring we are prepared to take action. When you finally realize your lifestyle became uncontrollable from alcohol or drugs addiction you have an excellent chance at a drug rehabilitation program at our residential rehabilitation center.


Soba texas provides a detoxifying process for alcohol and opiate use to help clients quit using safely. Our treatment facility in San Antonio is designed specifically to provide individual detoxification and you can expect 24-hour treatment throughout the course.

Support groups

Support groups offer an opportunity to receive social support, and gain confidence in others to help others overcome challenges and circumstances. More information about our Support Group.

The best chance of recovery

The independent rehab facility is responsible to make decisions regarding patient treatment within the hospital. You or someone else will receive optimum recovery chances if they know that your interests remain the top priority in all decisions we make. San Antonio Recovery Center is a non-traditional addiction and alcohol treatment clinic. Our founders were founded in 2010 on the basis of our belief that recovery from drug and alcohol abuse requires comprehensive treatment rather than merely one area. Our leading team of recovery experts is composed of people that are dedicated and understandably caring for each other.

Aftercare program

Aftertreatment programs help the patient come back with confidence and the positive changes achieved through treatment will remain with us.

90-day treatment

Many patients find that 90-day medical treatments are too expensive to prepare for life.

Start your recovery journey today

SARC gives you or someone else the greatest possible chance to get back on track. We offer professional treatments for your individual needs.

I am looking expectantly to the opportunities to pass along my experience, strength and hope. KH Sobriety is a one day at a time journey. During my time in residential treatment, it has become clear to me how important it is to focus on helping others. I have watched so many people change their lives and recover because they made the choice to forget about self and to focus on others.

Treatment designed specifically for you

It’s not easy to find an effective treatment method. Treatment for addictions takes time and is best when comprehensive and multifaceted. Our rehabilitation centers in San Antonio include several different addiction therapies in their treatment plans. Our scientifically-based treatments provide an invaluable resource for addressing health concerns. Proven approaches like dual diagnosis therapy and psychodynamic therapy are just the most common. Our holistic approach to treatment uses the principles in this 12 step program for healing.

Rehab Centers

Rehab is a structured program to help people stop drinking and use alcohol for a healthier lifestyle. Continue with rehabilitation.

You have an excellent chance of addiction recovery success at our residential treatment center . Detox Inpatient Partial Hospitalization Outpatient Sober Living Detoxification Soba Texas offers those struggling with chemical dependency and alcohol abuse an innovative detoxification process that helps clients quit using in a safe environment.

Describes the emergency department treatment process, lists questions to ask about follow-up treatment, and describes how to reduce risk and ensure safety at home. Family Therapy Can Help: For People in Recovery From Mental Illness or Addiction Explores the role of family therapy in recovery from mental illness or substance abuse.

What is the success rate for recovery?

Approximately 87 % of the people who completed a drug rehab program still report being abusing any drug within three to five days of discharge. The average person undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse reported improved quality of life.

Detoxification Residential Inpatient During the residential inpatient phase of treatment clients are expected to attend daily groups & therapy sessions in order to begin to heal from substance abuse & co-occurring disorders. Here at Soba Texas in San Antonio, you can expect a unique treatment experience with the Soba Recovery model.

Treatment Philosophy Each person comes to us with a different set of wounds and circumstances. WWR works to heal the entire individual, not just the addiction or behavior. We treat underlying issues, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health or neurocognitive issues. Brain Frequency™ We’re proud to be the only treatment center to offer more than just therapy to heal the mind

Can you visit people in recovery?

Rehab facilities typically have certain rules and restrictions for guests during treatments. Generally, you must be capable of visiting a loved one in rehab for an extended period.

We know this sounds like this is too good to be true, but it’s not. We have seen it, and it works. We believe that transformation in recovery involves individualized treatment to heal any underlying issues while treating the brain disease of addiction.

When you’re ready, our recovery program can help you overcome substance use disorder . We use a combination of individual therapy and group therapy at our treatment facility designed to help you on the road to wellness.

What are the four steps to recovery in order?

You will go through four recovery phases. This stage is created by the National Institutes of Drug Abuse (NIDA), and is a major help to many individuals recovering from addiction.

As an independent drug & alcohol treatment center, our caring recovery staff make decisions on patient care in-house. You or your loved one are given the best chance of recovery knowing that your best interests are always at the forefront of our decisions.

How much does it cost to go to rehab in Texas?

The cost of rehabilitation is typically $6,000 – $25,000 per month in the 30-day program. An addiction treatment program requiring up to 30 days can range between $12,000. Many insurers cover detox and addiction treatment.

Residential Treatment During the most vulnerable times of recovery, a Residential environment can be the best place for addicts to start on the road to a successful recovery. Intensive Outpatient Intensive outpatient rehab is an affordable means of treating drug and alcohol addiction utilizing a full spectrum of treatment options. Detox Withdrawal can be one of the most harrowing parts of recovery.

How much does rehab cost for 3 months?

Typically, inpatient rehabs will cost about $60,000 per 30 days. Most popular centers typically charge up to $20k per 30 days. If there are 60- and 90-Day programs, the overall cost average can be anywhere between $12,000-60,000.

What is the success rate of rehabilitation?

Approximately 90 percent of those successfully completing a drug rehabilitation process report being abstinence after the treatment period. About 90 per cent say that they enjoy a better quality of life after completing drug and alcohol treatment.

Antonio Addiction Treatment & Rehabs in San Antonio, Texas Everyone’s struggle with addiction is different, but there a variety of drug and alcohol rehabs in San Antonio to help meet people’s varying needs. With treatment centers that offer intensive programming to those with more accommodating treatment plans, patients with mild to severe substance use disorders can find the right level of care for their recovery.

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