About Us

What is special about Addiction Resource Guide?

It is our people and the experience they bring to our work. Dr. Jeffery Smith brings 20 years of psychiatric practice including 16 years directing clinical addiction services and 10 years as an entrepreneur and director of Cortland Medical, an outpatient addiction treatment center. With this experience, comes a knowledge of what makes one program right for a particular individual. At Cortland Medical he often referred patients to inpatient facilities, and had been in a position to see firsthand the results of the work they do. This experience is built into the questions we ask in order to bring out the important characteristics and qualities of the programs we list.

Who’s Behind The Addiction Resource Guide?

Addiction Resource Guide (ARG) owns and operates facilities at various locations nationwide to provide you or your loved one addiction and mental health care. If you can’t find a drug rehab in your area, you still have options. Many people travel to treatment to help them escape the triggers in their everyday lives. We may even be able to help with travel costs.

Polly Waldman, MS brings 30 years as an educator and more recent experience as a consumer seeking help for a family member. Her rare combination of intelligence, focus and ability to get things done has provided the impetus to make the Addiction Resource Guide come to life.

We all know that it takes more than good intentions and relevant experience to make an addiction treatment program successful. As caregivers, we know that the information we publish and the help we provide must be concise, informative and easy to use. We are interested in your suggestions and help because we know that the partnerships we form with more treatment providers and those who use our services are the foundation of our future.