About Us

Hello, my name is Ryan Ascroft and I have been dedicated to helping people battling addiction for 10 years now. I have created Addiction Resource Guide as a way to reach more people and hopefully aid their recovery too. 

It all started 10 years ago, when I was in my early twenties, and my twin brother and I were starting college. While I had always been the more academic twin, my brother took to the partying experience much harder than I did. 

It wasn’t until our second year when he’d become much more distant, easily aggravated, and missing family functions that I realized something was up. After asking around his friend group and doing some digging of my own, I found that he had racked up some addictions to some pretty strong substances.

Of course, he didn’t want help to start with. It took losing his place at college, job, and friends to make him accept my help. While the rest of our family turned their backs on him, I never did. 

I’m happy to say that, while it wasn’t an easy ride, my brother is now seven years clean and thriving with a family of his own. 

My brother’s story had a happy ending, but I know how much he still struggles with the thought of addiction today. That is why I want to help people with battling addiction as well as what comes after it. 

If just one person can find help through my website, then I’ll be happy. I want to educate more people about rehab programs, treatments, and ways to stay away from relapse. Please learn from my site – and good luck.