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Beacon Health Options, also known as ValueOptions, offers a variety of services to treat mental illness as a condition that requires medication to be effective. The company said it is the undisputed leader in behavioral healthcare with 40 million customers in every state. The merged Beacon Health Strategies and ValueOptions company said it was the largest privately owned company in the U.S. Generally rehabs that take Beacon Health Options locations have accreditation from URAC and have national quality assurance credentials proving their dedication to excellence.

Substance use disorder treatment

Our Treatment Team UAB Beacon Recovery is a caring, multi-specialty team with extensive training in providing substance use disorder treatment. Our team is made up of UAB Medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, counselors, care coordinators, case managers, and peer recovery support specialists.

Mental Health (OMH) to provide services at the outpatient location in Herkimer, NY. Trained professionals are available to provide services to adults needing help with anxiety, depression, bipolar, posttraumatic stress and other mental health disorders. Medications are also available to help manage symptoms.

Beacon Health Options for Addiction & Mental Health Care

Our health insurance company, Beacon Health, offers value-added health care coverage. What are the benefits of your Beacons Plan? The Beacon Medical Benefit will be verified to be confidential and free. Beacon Health Options, previously known as Value Options, Inc., the largest privately owned behavioral medical group in America, has over 50 participating organizations in 50 states as third parties managing behavioral health services. The Anthem Foundation has bought Beacon Health Option in March 2020, as part of its subsidiary Anthem.

If you do have commercial insurance or Medicaid, we are happy to refer you to another community partner for your medical care. The cost of medications for opioid use disorder (Suboxone or Vivitrol) is covered for up to 6 months. Why UAB Each person’s journey and path to recovery is unique. In some cases, health insurance plans may cover the cost of rehab. Beacon Health Options subsidiaries is a behavioral health and wellness company that provides services to individuals and organizations.

 The use of Suboxone is covered by Ambetter Health Insurance under most health care plans and policies. Rehabs covering beacon health is a leading provider of rehabilitation services, offering access to a wide range of rehab programs for those who are suffering from physical and mental health issues.

Extensive coverage for Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Services

Beacon Health option typically covers extensive inpatient care. Coverage varies among different insurance plans and partnerships among others, though a reasonable coverage should be expected. Beacon Health Options covers most inpatient treatments, if deductibles are satisfied. Hopefully your bill is paid back. In some circumstances the beacon may provide treatment in other locations or in emergencies. Nevertheless, the upfront cost is minimal compared with the real cost of addiction. Examples of addiction treatment services provided by Beacon Health Option include. Minnesota offers a wide range of drug treatment options, including inpatient and outpatient programs, residential treatment centers, sober living homes, and support groups.

Outpatient services are most effective after completing a more robust program. Additionally, all clients have access to psychiatric and medical services throughout the week. No matter which program you choose for yourself or a loved one, rest assured that the highest quality of care will be delivered. Depending on your plan, these services may be covered by Beacon Health Options once you have met your deductible.

Residential Treatment Coverage from Beacon

Beacon addiction treatment can also be offered inpatient or residential services in centers of specialty in drug rehabilitation. Treatment for alcohol abuse often involves residential treatment lasting between one week and 30 to 90 days or more. Research has proven that addiction treatment in the home can overcome a substance use disorder. It’s therefore important that you locate the participating drug rehabilitation centers of Beacon Health or be a member. A stay at residential addiction therapy at FHE Health usually covers insurance. BeaconHealth/Value Options.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Coverage from Beacon

Many drug or alcohol rehab programs require detoxification before completing formal treatment programs. In order to help a patient undergo detox, it is necessary to perform medical and professional cleansing in a safe, comfortable and effective way. When alcoholic or drug withdrawals occur, the body can experience mild to very severe withdrawals and may become very dangerous and life-threatening. The purpose of professional alcohol detoxes is to provide a safe environment, minimize risk of complications, and optimize the effectiveness of detoxifications.

Antidepressants withdrawal is a condition that occurs when someone suddenly stops taking antidepressant medications. It can cause a range of physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms.

Here’s a look at some of the services most commonly needed. Drug and Alcohol Detox Coverage from Beacon Most drug and alcohol rehab facilities require detoxification (detox) as a first step in advancing to a formal treatment program. Helping the individual undergoing detox entails ensuring a safe, comfortable, and effective cleansing of the substances from the body through medically monitored, professional services.

Beacon Wellbeing: Student Assistance Program

The Beacon Wellbeing Students Aid Program is built upon its partnerships with colleges to give students support for healthy living and staying in the classroom. SAP is an integrated resource for school resources and offers crisis support, assessments and triage, telemedicine support, counselling and educational content. Under federal guidelines set forth in many laws, insurance programs offered through the market or through employee programs must offer chemical addiction services to employees. All products are covered by Beacon Healthcare/Value Options.

The Compass Program addresses the obstacles encountered by patients and uses an evidenced based treatment program Read More Intensive Outpatient Program This program is an alternative for those that require more intensive therapy to achieve abstinence than is found in a traditional outpatient program. In this program the patient is scheduled to attend one individual and group therapy sessions Read More Albert O.


It’s important for you to have health. Beacon Health Systems provides you and your family a comprehensive healthcare program for the entire duration and quality of your experience. Utilizing exercise and educational support in developing healthy habits is important. Inpatient rehabilitation includes multidisciplinary treatment by physical, occupational and speechtherapists. Occupational Therapy is much more than a job. This tool helps everyone to get to their routines and. If your pain is a pain that has caused. The goal of First Step Recovery is to help individuals achieve a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

Beacon Behavioral

Beacon Behavioral provides services in a variety of fields that address addiction problems such as mental and behavioral health problems. Beacon’s addiction treatment is an evidence-based treatment program that helps members who face severe health conditions in care by implementing early interventions and increasing the availability of community-based services. Through clinical and peer rehabilitation support, Beacon provides a comprehensive range of services for patients.

Beacon Health Options Value-Based Medicine

The company’s newest product line for addiction treatment is a value-added payment scheme with outpatient providers of medically assisted treatment (MAT). The Beacon Group says MAT has an established track record of improving patient outcomes in a variety of conditions while also lowering costs.

Our services

In 1990 Beacon Center was established to provide the best in substance use treatment to people with addiction. The agency has certified that the service will provide a safe environment for all clients to have a safe drinking habit and is strictly confidential. Faith Peterson founded the Beacon Center with the belief that people suffering from substance abuse can recover with compassion and deserve respect for themselves. We are pursuing these principles today.

Depression and substance abuse often co-occur and can have a significant impact on an individual’s physical and mental health, as well as their overall quality of life.

Medication assisted treatment (MAT)

The Beacon Center offers evidence-based programming and medication management under the oversight of an expert medical practitioner. Beacon Center staff members ensure patients are safe with appropriate dosages and optimum health levels of care provided. ‘

Medical Integration Coverage from Beacon

For many addicts the disease itself can often have an underlying health condition. The treatment of substance abuse disorders is a medically integrated process. The ability to treat people as one individual involves treating physical conditions that could result from addiction to drugs, depression, and anxiety. During a drug treatment program, the risk of complications are high including delirium, seizures, heart attacks, liver or kidney failure.

Do treatment centers need to be in network?

Beacon Health Options provides the highest protection. If the treatment center is not in a network, it can cause problems. Beacon Health typically offers the largest discount to hospitals with the most close relationships. CompassionBehavioral Health is proud to offer the Beacon Health option. For a full list of services, contact your admission coordinator at 844-560-0084. We check your insurance to make sure it meets your needs.

We proudly accept Beacon Health Options for All Levels of Care

CompassionBehavioral Health is affiliated with Beacon Health Options. We can help with addictions and mental disorders. The treatment of these disorders is focused in both directions. The first is more concerned about the addiction, while the others focus more on mental illnesses. We consider this the easiest method for addressing co-occurring conditions as each problem gets the right amount of consideration.

Mental Health Treatment Program

The Beacon Center has been certified to offer outpatient treatment at Herkimer’s office. Training professionals are available to offer services to people experiencing phobias of being a victim. There can also be medication for a variety of problems. These include individualized and supervised counseling to help clients get their lives on track with their health goals and needs. Any interested party may call 866-932-5985. Please contact us for questions.

Opioid Treatment Program (OTP)

New York-based Beacon Hospital has launched the new Beacon Clinic for women with sexual disorders. The program was endorsed by OASAS in Orlando and the surrounding areas. We aim to provide all our patients with the care they need in an effort to maintain a long life of recovery. If you’d like to know more about these programs, please get in touch by beacon phone number 866 932 5985.

What makes Beacon Health Options unique?

There are plenty of options available at Beacon Health Services. Unlike most insurance companies, Beacon specializes in behavioral health and believes in helping people suffering from drug addiction and mental illnesses. Beacon Health Options offers several programs and tools for individuals who want to get clean and have a fulfilling career. What should be known when choosing Beacon HealthCare Plans?

On-Site Psychological Services Covered by Beacon

Many individuals in treatment for cooccurring substance use disorder or mental health problems or experiencing mental health symptoms are eligible for psychiatric assistance in some cases. This may be medication control or a variety of therapeutic treatments prescribed at psychiatric visits. These sorts of services are often covered through Beacon Healthcare’s mental health services.

Beacon Wellbeing: Employee Assistance Program

Beacon operates effective EAP programs for more than 30 years with more than 750 million users. The Beacon Wellbeing Program is designed to achieve better outcomes and enhance employee engagement and utilization through wide service and organization support including counseling, management advice, training, and supervision.

Is Beacon Health Options owned by Anthem?

Beacon Health Options aims primarily at expanding its health insurance product portfolio in the United States by offering its services through the Anthem Integrated Healthcare Solutions Business Unit.

Beacon provides superior clinical mental health and addiction treatment with comprehensive employee services.

Beacon Health Options (formerly ValueOptions) provides therapy for clinical disorders including alcoholism and addiction, work support and specialty programs for autism and depression. The company claims that its behavioral care program serves 40 million customers across 50 countries.

What are the 3 types of rehab?

Rehabilitation treatment is done in four main categories: occupational, physical, and speech. Each type of Rehabilitation serves a unique purpose in helping a person recover and has a final goal to help a person recover to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Beacon is the oncology module for EPIC that allows doctors and others in healthcare settings to create treatment plans and support services according to standard procedures while facilitating easy modification.

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