How Many Days Does BCBS Advantage Cover In Rehab?

Have you discovered your self questioning if BCBS gain cowl pays for rehab? Maybe you want to go into a facility and need to recognize what number of days your coverage pays for? Whatever introduced you right here today, we’ve the solutions for you.

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We recognize how hard it could be for you or your family to discover your self a facility and take a look at in to acquire the remedy you want.

The ultimate issue you need is to fear approximately how you’ll cowl the expenses or make ends meet whilst you have become the assist which you want.

And with extra coverage carriers protecting rehab or a part of a live at a facility, it could be complicated to recognize what your company covers and for the way long. But it’s in which we are available in to present you the solutions which you want. 

Keep studying to discover what number of days BCBS gain covers in rehab and the whole lot else which you want to recognize today.

What Is BCBS?

For those who need it, here’s a quick summary! BCBS or Blue Cross Blue Shield is a national association serving 34 independent communities and community-based businesses.

As part of the Medicare program, BCBS works to provide healthcare to people in need nationwide.

We have different plans and you can check the details on our website.

What Is BCBS Advantage?

BCBS Advantage is various healthcare plans that you may pick out from. The plans will range relying in your location.

You can use the Medicare internet site to go into your Zip Code and discover what plan is satisfactory for you to your area. 

The plans variety in price, making it terrific lower priced for various humans to have get right of entry to to fitness care.

You also can gain from preloaded debit playing cards that allow you to and your own circle of relatives buy nutrients or different fitness-associated items. 

While the insurance of the plans varies throughout the country, there may be certain to be a plan that fits you.

You can pick out from the subsequent kind of gain plans:

Tell me the BCBS Advantage?

BBB Advantage offers several different health plans. The plans will vary according to your place. Use the Medicare website and type the Zip Code to discover which plan best fits your situation. They vary in cost and are extremely affordable for many people to receive medical care. Preloaded debit card purchases can be used as an option for buying vitamins for your family. Although coverage varies throughout the country, the plan will always suit you well. Advantage plans are available as:

PPO Plans

The preferred provider organizations (PPO) plans have the maximum flexibility. You can see providers who accept insurance or access specialists. There are also out-of-network services, but the cost may increase.


The plans offer you the chance of contacting a certain hospital or doctor. Often it requires the doctor’s referral, and there are few benefits unless the provider does not have a network.

PFFS plans

PFFS allows you to visit a health care professional who has insurance coverage. You do not have to choose your primary doctor or have an appointment with a specialist.


The merged plans combine HMO plans with Points Of Service to access outside networks for an additional charge.

Medicare Advantage plans also cover rehabilitation

Medicare is required to cover similar services to the original Medicare plan. Many private-sale plans are also available to those with other coverage options that are not included in Original Medicare, like prescription drugs. The Medicare Advantage program provides coverage for your qualifying rehabilitation as Medicare Part A and Part B would. You may be looking for a Medicare Advantage plan that may include other advantages that may help you but are not included in Original Medicare. Call now for an informational call on the upcoming Medicare Advantage programs available in your region.

How long does Medicare pay for rehab?

Medicare Part A includes 100 days of nursing care at skilled nursing facilities with deductible. You must pay any additional fees during your SNF treatment. Part A covers the cost of 90 days of rehabilitation in a psychiatric facility as part of Part B. The Part B deductible covers 80% of the costs for the remainder of a. Upon Day 91 you can access the lifetime reserves. If the surgery has been done you might need hospital treatment. Rehabilitation could be done in a particular hospital or in a standalone rehabilitation centre.

Medicare coverage for rehabilitation services

Because skilled nursing is an inpatient service, most of your health benefits are covered by Part A inpatient services. Generally, these policies are provided for seniors in the absence of supplementary insurance fees for a year. In Medicare Advantage plans Part A is covered by the policy. Although Part A benefits generally don’t require any payment, you may have to pay the standard inpatient deductible to get the treatment you need. In 2020, this totals $249 to pay out in advance for the Medicare benefits.

You may be billed up to $682 for each lifetime reserve day spent in rehab. When you sign up for Medicare, you are given a maximum of 60 lifetime reserve days. You can apply these to days you spend in rehab over the 90-day limit per benefit period.

If you need post-acute or rehabilitative care, do you know how much of your stay is included under Medicare? Medicare pays part of the cost for inpatient rehab services on a sliding time scale.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

Inpatient rehab care may be provided in of the following facilities: A skilled nursing facility An inpatient rehabilitation facility (inpatient “rehab” facility or IRF) Acute care rehabilitation center Rehabilitation hospital For inpatient rehab care to be covered, your doctor needs to affirm the following are true for your medical condition.

These types of rehab are typically covered by Medicare Part B. After you meet the Medicare Part B deductible (which is $226 per year in 2023), you are typically responsible for paying 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount for the rehab services.

Medicare will cover your rehab services (physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology), a semi-private room, your meals, nursing services, medications and other hospital services and supplies received during your stay.

How Long Does Medicare pay for rehab after a stroke?

private duty nursing, hospital services

Is there an alternative treatment for the SSI? Medicare covers a 90-day inpatient rehabilitation program. You must pay Part AA deductibles and pay copayment expenses. Upon your 90th day use all of your reserve days.

So how many days does rehab cover BCBS benefits? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Different plans cover different days of rehab and are also affected by location. However, Medicare generally pays for up to 100 days at a qualified nursing facility.

BCBS is part of Medicare, so we’ll take this 100 days as a rough guide and plan to offer that or a little less depending on your location. Please read the policy carefully to see how long the BCBS Benefit Plan will pay you to attend rehab.

You should be able to find a breakdown of how many days are covered and whether you have to pay for some of the care yourself. If you don’t have a policy, we recommend contacting BCBS directly or using the Medicare website and entering your zip code to find rates near you.

Please read the policy carefully before accepting or contact your representative if you need further assistance. You should also check the eligibility section to make sure you are eligible for rehab at your expense within your coverage.

How many days will Medicare pay 100% of the covered costs of care in a skilled nursing care facility?

Medicare will pay 80% of the SNF’s initial stay. In 2023 Medicare may request an annual payment of up to $200 per day 21-100.

How Else Can I Pay For My Time In Rehab?

If your insurance does not pay for enough days to attend rehab, you may have to pay for it yourself. This is not a viable option for everyone, but there are some things you can do yourself. Take a look at the options below.

What it is Inpatient rehabilitation can help if you’re recovering from a serious surgery, illness, or injury and need an intensive rehabilitation therapy program, physician supervision, and coordinated care from your doctors and therapists. Medicare-covered inpatient rehabilitation care includes.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Many Medicare participants have a Medicare Supplement Insurance (also called Medigap) policy, which can help with the uncovered costs of inpatient rehab care. A Medicare Supplement plan can pick up some or all of the deductible you would otherwise be charged.

Financing Options

Not everyone has savings. They connect you to the finance team who will lend you money.

Pay off your loan when you’re out of rehab and making money again. These loans are subject to credit checks, but there are many options suitable for most people.

Credit Cards Or Loans

You can also apply directly for a loan or credit card to pay for your rehab time. Be aware that if you miss a payment, you run the risk of incurring high interest rates and late fees. So think twice before applying for a loan or credit card.

Ask Your Family 

If you’re lucky, you can count on family support to cover some or all of your rehabilitation costs.

This is something that should be nurtured with your loved ones and I hope they can help you get the support you need.

Final Thoughts 

The amount of time BCBS benefits pay to attend rehab varies by plan and location.

Please check directly with the scheduler how long you are allowed to stay at the rehab facility today.

Ryan Ascroft