Does United Healthcare Cover Rehab?

United Healthcare insurance provides insurance coverage for around 6.1 million people in the United States.

This large figure indicates that many individuals depend on United Healthcare to deliver sufficient health services

In the case of rehab, United Healthcare patients undergoing treatment for substance abuse can expect coverage for detox, inpatient, and outpatient drug rehab centers. 

Does United Healthcare Cover Rehab?

Despite this, various insurance plans will have coverage differences across the board.

Everyone insured by the group should look at their policy to see which treatments are covered and the qualifying regulations.  

Keep reading to find out more about United Healthcare’s rehab coverage. 

Is Rehab Covered By United Healthcare?

In most cases, United Healthcare insurance plans will cover a stay inside an alcohol or drug rehab facility.

Despite this, even if a person’s plan included United Healthcare rehab coverage, this doesn’t mean that the coverage will be limitless. 

The patient and their selected treatment provider will need to fulfill certain requirements to get their coverage started. There will also be other factors to go over, including deductibles and coinsurance.

Nevertheless, most people with United Healthcare insurance will be able to have their addiction treatment costs partly or fully covered by the group. 

Substance Abuse Coverage Choices

Most policies that cover addiction treatments are extensive. UHC tends to cover all necessary features of the alcohol or drug rehab program, and in some cases, a few factors that aren’t thought to be essential. 

However, you should be aware that the group isn’t likely to cover other services like holistic therapy, luxury housing, and assistance from other treatment centers. 

The features that UHC will cover will vary with each policy, but most policies include detoxification, outpatient, and in-patient rehab. 

United Healthcare Addiction Treatment Advantages

UHC insurance plans often include advantages that are related to recovery from addiction.

These will encompass all the essential features of rehab, which may even include stopping smoking programs. 

Benefits Which Are Covered By Hospitals, Doctor’s Facilities, And Alternate Services

  • Diagnostic and assessments
  • Planning treatment
  • Actual treatment and necessary procedures
  • Referrals
  • Handling medication
  • Individual, family, and therapy group case management services
  • Emergency intervention
  • Some hospital care
  • Residential treatment facility services
  • Intensive outpatient care

If these are to be covered, these services need to be delivered by an endorsed, state-licensed, qualified physician or program. The patient may also need to meet certain guidelines to be entitled to UHC insurance. 


Detoxification is one feature of UHC’s substance abuse insurance, but only a few people in substance abuse recovery will be entitled to it.

For instance, some alcohol and drug abuse scenarios aren’t life-threatening, whereas others will lead to severe withdrawals that need medical supervision. 

If UHC believes that the drug withdrawal process isn’t dangerous and doesn’t need assistance, they can decide against stretching the coverage to detox costs. 

Inpatient Rehabilitation

United Healthcare usually covers the costs of inpatient rehab coverage in their insurance plans.

The insured will usually need to pay a 20% coinsurance. UHC may also decide to cover specific features of inpatient care. 

For instance, they will normally cover the costs of traditional therapy and medication, but spa treatments and luxury housing is likely to be declined.

United Healthcare’s coverage itself will only last for a specific period, in some cases, just 30 days. 

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation is usually priced at $35 for each office visit. UHC’s outpatient treatment coverage usually lasts for a longer period, which allows patients to continue receiving necessary care.

Insured patients can begin with outpatient rehab or decide to move on from inpatient care.

Out Of Network And In-Network Rehabilitation Coverage

Out Of Network And In-Network Rehabilitation Coverage

United Healthcare’s substance abuse insurance separates providers into two areas, in-network, and out-of-network. This isn’t unusual for UHC, as most insurance groups divide providers with a few or all of their plans.

In-network providers are physicians or facilities that have worked with United Healthcare and decided to charge the group lower costs. 

Out-of-network providers are physicians or facilities that haven’t negotiated with the group and continue to charge regular rates. 

There may be cases where UHC’s rehab coverage just covers in-network providers. They won’t increase this coverage to anyone out of it without approval beforehand. 

Other instances will involve covering the out-of-network treatment center without obtaining the necessary permission, but the insured will have to engage with a greater proportion of the costs. 

This is why it’s usually better for the insured to look for an in-network provider when it is practical. 

PPO Or HMO UHC Plans For Drug Rehabilitation Insurance

PPOs and HMOs are two different types of UHC group insurance that individuals can acquire through their employer. 

PPOs will have providers that have debated the costs with them. Despite this, people with PPOs can use their benefits away from their network.

They won’t usually need to obtain a primary care provider, while the insured can visit specialists without securing a referral. However, they will need pre-approval for some other services. 

HMOs, involve the insurance providers working for the HMO, or debating with it to set unique rates. Users will need to look for care with in-network providers. 

The insured person will usually need to choose a primary care provider.

This person will produce referrals for the patient to receive their necessary services, which cover substance abuse rehabilitation. Medical services will usually need pre-approval. 

The method for employing United Healthcare rehab coverage varies, as it is based on the type of plan. The user might need to ask their primary care provider for a referral so their treatment can be pre-approved. 

The Bottom Line

The price of addiction treatment can prevent many people from accessing necessary treatment.

So, it’s important to make sure that your insurance company covers at least some of the costs linked with alcohol or drug rehabilitation. 

People with United Healthcare insurance will be able to access the care needed to get better. They will need to verify their UHC insurance and work out if their chosen provider has outlined any restrictions.

If you need help obtaining treatment or confirming your insurance plans, a treatment provider will be able to help you with the process.

Ryan Ascroft