Does United Healthcare Cover Rehab?

United Healthcare Insurance insures approximately 6.1 million people in the United States.

This high number indicates that many people rely on United Healthcare for adequate medical care.

However, different insurance plans generally offer different coverage.

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Each member of the group should review the policy to see which treatments are covered and which rules apply.

Read on to learn more about United Healthcare Rehabilitation Insurance.

United Healthcare Coverage with Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Rehab

How serious the addiction may be varies by the type of therapy you need to receive as a patient and if the addiction will persist indefinitely. If an addict has a severe habit, they are more likely to establish their own inpatient foundations to sobriety. During inpatient treatment you must remain in rehab for at least a year to avoid distraction from taking drugs. During the process you get gender-specific rooming and food. Outpatient treatment is another form of therapy whereby the patient is brought to the rehabilitation facility for the scheduled therapy session and then returned to the house later in the day.

Find rehabs that accept UnitedHealthcare insurance

The UnitedHealthcare program offers a broad variety of treatment options to treat addictions and overcome underlying problems. Get in touch with Find Addiction Rehabs now for more info about the policies, coverage, and copayments required to use United Healthcare’s addiction treatment service. This article will focus on UnitedHealth Care Insurance. It provides a wide selection of mental health services. Find rehabilitation services that are available at UnitedHealthCare.

Is Rehab Covered By United Healthcare?

In most cases, United Healthcare insurance plans will cover a stay inside an alcohol or drug rehab facility.

Despite this, even if a person’s plan included United Healthcare rehab coverage, this doesn’t mean that the coverage will be limitless. 

The patient and their selected treatment provider will need to fulfill certain requirements to get their coverage started. There will also be other factors to go over, including deductibles and coinsurance.

Nevertheless, most people with United Healthcare insurance will be able to have their addiction treatment costs partly or fully covered by the group. 

This allows the person entering treatment to focus less on how they will pay for treatment and more on recovery. Should an individual choose to attend a rehab center that does not accept their insurance, they may face increased treatment costs.

What percentage of users relapse after rehab?

Most people who get into rehab don’t stay sober after treatment. They typically don’t seek assistance until they are hit with triggers. According to a report released today, about 85 – percent of people regain their lives after treatment.

Does United Healthcare cover buprenorphine?

This pharmacy benefit will not be applicable to Buprenorphine/naloxone or buprenorphine unless a prescription for it is given. In commercial markets the recommended bupronorphine/naloxone product is Zubsolv.

While the vast majority of United Healthcare plans provide assistance for addiction treatment, the payment of services and upfront costs fluctuate based on the policy and location. For those looking for drug and alcohol rehabs that accept United Healthcare insurance, click here to find a directory of available treatment centers.

Substance Abuse Coverage Choices

Most policies that cover addiction treatments are extensive. UHC tends to cover all necessary features of the alcohol or drug rehab program, and in some cases, a few factors that aren’t thought to be essential. 

However, you should be aware that the group isn’t likely to cover other services like holistic therapy, luxury housing, and assistance from other treatment centers. 

The features that UHC will cover will vary with each policy, but most policies include detoxification, outpatient, and in-patient rehab. 

Again, the types of drug rehab that United Healthcare will cover will depend upon the specifics of your policy. At Wilmington Treatment Center, we know how confusing health insurance benefits can be. Therefore, we are happy to partner with you to help verify your benefits prior to engaging with care at our center.

United Healthcare Addiction Treatment Advantages

UHC insurance plans often include benefits related to addiction recovery. They cover all important aspects of rehabilitation, including smoking cessation programs.

As such, we work with patients and families to create payment plans for costs incurred that are not covered by health insurance. Confirming My Benefits How Can I Confirm My United Healthcare Benefits? Verifying your insurance benefits is an important part of the decision to enter treatment at White Deer Run, and our staff is here to make that step as simple as possible.

. Each session will last a few hours and may consist of group and individual counseling. Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). PHPs require clients to attend treatment for four to eight hours each day of the week. This type of treatment is the most intensive form of outpatient addiction treatment.

Benefits Which Are Covered By Hospitals, Doctor’s Facilities, And Alternate Services

  • Diagnostic and assessments
  • Planning treatment
  • Actual treatment and necessary procedures
  • Referrals
  • Handling medication
  • Individual, family, and therapy group case management services
  • Emergency intervention
  • Some hospital care
  • Residential treatment facility services
  • Intensive outpatient care

If these are to be covered, these services need to be delivered by an endorsed, state-licensed, qualified physician or program. The patient may also need to meet certain guidelines to be entitled to UHC insurance. 


Detoxification is a feature of UHC’s substance abuse insurance, but few people qualify for substance abuse rehabilitation.

For example, alcohol or drug abuse can be non-life-threatening or cause severe withdrawal symptoms that require medical supervision.

If UHC determines that drug withdrawal is safe and does not require assistance, UHC may choose not to extend coverage, including detoxification costs.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

United Healthcare typically covers the cost of inpatient rehab insurance in its insurance plans.

Insured persons are generally required to pay a 20% deductible. UHC may also choose to cover certain features of inpatient care.

For example, they usually cover the cost of traditional remedies and medicines, but spa treatments and luxury housing may be turned down.

United Healthcare coverage itself is limited, sometimes as short as 30 days.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation is usually priced at $35 for each office visit. UHC’s outpatient treatment coverage usually lasts for a longer period, which allows patients to continue receiving necessary care.

Insured patients can begin with outpatient rehab or decide to move on from inpatient care.

United Healthcare Insurance For Addiction Treatment

As a leading health insurance company, UnitedHealthcare offers a range of insurance plans with dozens of different coverage types. While most United Healthcare plans offer addiction support, services and upfront costs differ according to policy and location. The following list of treatment facilities is available through United Healthcare Insurance. UnitedHealthCare can reimburse medical treatment expenses. Contact me for more info on insurances.

United Healthcare Plan Details

UnitedHealthcare Healthcare Plans offer various types of care, are available across states, and vary depending on the type of health insurance the customer wants. UnitedHealthcare generally offers three levels of services in three different areas; location does usually not inhibit the possibility of undergoing treatment by United Healthcare as a whole.

United Health Choice Plus is a supplemental plan to UnitedHealthCare Options PPO that allows you to still use a provider outside your network, but the cost is more expensive. Optomum Care is currently offered to patients across several states via an independent primary care network. Optom Care also works to provide health care for Medicare Advantage patients.

Drug or Alcohol Addiction

With their separate division, United Behavioral Health, United Healthcare is able to better serve the needs of those with mental or behavioral challenges, such as a drug or alcohol addiction.

Out Of Network And In-Network Rehabilitation Coverage

united behavioral health,insurance coverage

United Healthcare Substance Abuse Insurance separates providers into two tiers: on-network and off-network. This is not uncommon for UHC. Because most insurance groups share providers with some or all plans.

An in-network provider is a doctor or facility that has partnered with United Healthcare and has chosen to charge the group at a lower cost.

Off-grid providers are doctors or facilities that do not negotiate with groups and continue to charge regular rates.

UHC rehab insurance may only cover in-network providers. This coverage may not be extended to any other person without prior approval.

In other cases, off-grid treatment centers are covered without the necessary permits, but the insured must bear a higher percentage of the costs.

For this reason, policyholders are usually better off actually looking to providers in the network.

PPO Or HMO UHC Plans For Drug Rehabilitation Insurance

PPO and HMO are two different types of UHC group insurance that individuals can purchase through their employer.

PPO has a vendor with whom we have discussed costs. Nevertheless, an individual with a PPO can utilize her PPO outside the network.

In principle, it is not necessary to see a family doctor, but insured persons can see a specialist without a referral letter. However, some other services require prior approval.

HMOs that incorporate or discuss insurance companies working for HMOs to set their own premiums. The user should ask the provider in the network for help.

As a general rule, an insured person must choose a family doctor.

This person creates referrals for patients to receive necessary services covering substance abuse rehabilitation. Medical services usually require prior approval.

United Healthcare Rehabilitation insurance claims vary by plan type. Users may be required to request a referral from their primary care physician for treatment to be pre-approved.

The Bottom Line

The cost of addiction treatment can deter many from seeking the treatment they need.

So make sure your insurance covers at least part of the costs associated with alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

People with United Health Care can access the care they need to recover. You should check your UHC insurance and see if your provider of choice has any restrictions.

If you need help getting treatment or checking your insurance plan, your treatment provider can help.

Ryan Ascroft