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Executive Sober Living is a type of sober living facility that provides a more upscale, luxury setting for individuals in recovery. It is often more expensive than traditional sober living facilities and offers amenities such as private bedrooms, gourmet meals, fitness centers, swimming pools, and other recreational activities.

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This trivialization is often internalized in the people it affects, even as they witness the harm addiction is causing in their home, relationships, or career. Even when they recognize a problem, high-profile individuals and executives suffering from drug or alcohol addiction experience specific obstacles to getting treatment. The public stigma that defines the narrative of addiction is uniquely felt by people who live in the public eye.

Executive Rehab Centers for Addiction

Almost all people who work with alcohol are unsure if they’re displaying symptoms of addiction or not. Since the professionals appear clean in a person’s appearance, it becomes harder to diagnose internal harm from substance misuse. If a colleague suspects that they are having substance abuse problems, they often ignore this issue to avoid losing an employee. It can also be a negative situation for employers who have no real idea about the detrimental effect a drug addiction has on the company.

We employ a combination of clinical cognitive-behavioral and experiential therapy to help you build coping strategies that fit your personal needs, and we always strive to provide the best support for your unique needs. Executive Treatment Programs We understand that stress management is a crucial part of sober living for busy professionals. Learning effective methods of physical and emotional self-care are powerful tools for keeping up a positive recovery mindset.

How to Choose an Executive Rehab Center

When battling addiction, it can be hard. Choosing the best rehab is a daunting process unless there are some good resources available. The key factor in proper treatment is that the treatment can be tailored to the individual needs of you (e.g. facilities to allow the workers to work longer hours).

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Benefits of Executive Drug Treatment Programs

As many professionals have high levels within their organization, the chances of having a re-entry or addiction may seem overwhelming when the person admits they are in need of support. They have often had a long working life that includes a high workload and have often pushed themselves above their careers. Some people look at drugs as their best means of improving performance, but don’t realize how harmful it can be to their bodies.

Despite the fact that they recognize addiction treatment is necessary, they are not likely to give up their jobs voluntarily when they recover. Here’s the opportunity to get involved with executive drug programs.

Executive Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation

Many people have difficulty leaving their jobs because the problem of substance dependence is not solved. Some may be worried about losing their jobs as soon as they receive treatment, but others could find their businesses in trouble. The issue affects executives and senior managers including chief executives and financial officers. Any individual with a mental health condition can have a definite influence on a person’s behavior – no matter their educational background in life.

If the circumstances of your job make it impossible for you to travel to our treatment center in Tampa, Florida, on the sunny shores of Madeira Beach, you could enroll in E-therapy. This is an exclusive feature from Tranquil Shores for busy executives to stay at work and telecommute to therapy. The term alcohol rehab refers to a range of treatment programs designed to help people who are struggling with alcohol addiction.

What Are The Best Drug Rehabs For Executives?

The executive drug rehabilitation program is tailored for busy professionals seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Inpatients have better flexibility in scheduling and provide more opportunities to work within the workplace. These rehabilitation facilities can also provide amenities including:

Treatment Options

Inpatient treatment allows patients to escape from daily tension in executive life and to be vulnerable in a safe environment. Our objective is to assist clients in re-centering their health & fitness. The resulting motivation helps people get back into their high-intensity professional and private lives. Cirque Lodge’s medical professionals provide specialized services for all kinds and severity of drug and alcohol abuse.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Executives and Professionals

We believe that executive leaders must work hard to achieve their career goals and their way of life. Although there are many corporate rehab centers in FL, not every one of them offers such a high level of care and comfort that we have in our rehab facility. We are different by offering an extensive variety of drug and alcohol treatment options to our clients. It is our job to match patients with comfort and the way they are used to living.

Many people report concerns about leaving their jobs, even for necessary medical treatment, for fear that their addiction will be discovered. It is also common to dismiss the gravity of an untreated mental health condition when you appear to be high-functioning to others.

What Happens at Executive Drug Rehab Centers?

Executive rehab facilities offer a wide array of similar services and amenities as most drug rehabs. Services include: Find out who’s behind the scenes and make the program employ a team of highly trained professionals who treat addiction. Although most programs comply with specific accreditation requirements they should be careful to ensure the training they are considering offers quality services and treatments.

Cost of an Executive Recovery Center

The price of a senior recovery clinic often includes a wide assortment of services and treatments which give clients private and comfortable accommodation for their recuperation. Typically executive rehabilitation centers are more costly to operate than conventional treatment centers for these services. Cash-in-One payments and private medical insurances are widely used. Check the Executive Rehabilitation Center’s payment plan for coverage.

But we don’t leave you without help. When you complete our executive rehab program, Tranquil Shores provides group therapy to our alumni free of charge. Contact Tranquil Shores to learn more about our commitment to your lasting recovery and any post-care treatment you may require.

Is it hard to recover from alcohol?

Often AUD survivors recover, but a number of set backs have occurred in treatment. Getting help early can reduce the chances of a relapse. Behavioral therapies help individuals learn how to reduce or overcome any trigger for alcohol use.

Types of Rehabs for Executives Executive addiction treatment may involve either inpatient (also known as residential) or outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment may be a more appropriate option for people who have relapsed, been in treatment before, have long-standing addictions, or have more severe challenges like co-occurring disorders or medical complications.

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