Is Sober Living Covered By Insurance?

Have you considered entering sober living housing and want to know if it will be covered by insurance? Perhaps it has been recommended to you and you want to find out what your instance will cover?

Whatever question brought you here today, we have the answers for you! 

Sober living, or sober living housing, offers many people a way to continue living their lives free from alcohol and drugs in a supportive environment.

Is Sober Living Covered By Insurance?

While this sounds fantastic, often, they are expensive and leave many of us wondering how we can pay for the support that we need? Will our insurance cover it? 

It can be tricky to find this information out, leaving you unsure where to turn or who to trust. Well, no more!

Today, our guide is here to walk you through sober living housing, if your insurance will cover it, and anything else you need to know. Read on to find out more!

What Is Sober Living? 

For those that need a reminder, let’s take a look at what sober living is.

Sober living houses, SLHs, are drug and alcohol-free living environments designed to help people continue to stay free of drugs and alcohol.

These houses work to help people develop coping skills and habits that they can maintain once they return home. 

Sometimes, these are called halfway houses and are viewed by many as a bridge between inpatient facilities and your ‘normal’ world.

They can be a safe space for many and an excellent step in their road to recovery.

You can contact a treatment center or provider directly to find out about how you can gain access to a sober living house today. 

Now that we have covered what a sober living house is, let’s move on and see if it will be covered by insurance. 

Is Sober Living Covered By Insurance? 

In most cases, no, sober living housing is not covered by insurance. We know this is not the news that you wanted!

Sober living houses are unfortunately not considered treatment facilities in the same way a rehabilitation center is, meaning most insurance companies and providers will not pay for your time in these homes. 

Under the Affordable Care Act or ACA, insurance companies need to provide coverage for mental health treatment, including treatment for issues surrounding substance use.

However, as they are not treatment facilities, there is no obligation for your insurance company to payout.

Also, a lot of these homes run independently and don’t receive any state or government funding, leaving most of us to pay for our space ourselves. 

However, some insurance providers might pay for your sober living housing.

For an accurate answer, it is best to contact your healthcare provider directly. They will have the most up-to-date answers for you.

How Much Is Sober Living Housing? 

The cost of sober living varies from home to home, so you will need to do some research to find the best one for your budget.

Typically, the cost will vary depending on a few factors and features the home has to offer. These include: 

  • If the room is private or shared, private rooms are more expensive. 
  • Where the home is, in terms of state and location (i.e. beach views tend to be more expensive). 
  • How long you are staying will also drive the cost up. 
  • What utilities, if any, you will need to contribute during your stay. 
  • The range of amenities, like gyms or pools, will also impact the cost. 
  • If the home has a medical professional or licensed therapist present, the cost will likely increase. 
  • If your insurance does cover sober living or part of the cost, this will be reflected in the price. 

Before booking your space in a sober living house, you will want to ask about the cost and make sure that you have the funds to cover it.

You will also want to consider the factors above and see which are important to you. If you want to stay in a home with a therapist present, you might need to stretch your budget to allow for this. 

Don’t worry, there are plenty of professionals at addiction centers or your local mental health center that can help you find this out and secure your place!

How Can You Pay For Sober Living If Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover It?

If your insurance doesn’t cover sober living, there are a few things you can do to cover the cost of your stay. Let’s check them out now! 

Apply For Grants Or Scholarships 

There are a few nonprofits out there that can help you pay for your space in sober living.

These grants or scholarships will cover part of the whole cost of your stay, and you can apply for these online or by contacting a sober living home that you are interested in to see what they offer. 

Finance Options 

Another option is to take out a loan or credit card to cover the cost of your sober living stay. This can be a fine choice if you can secure an interest-free or low-interest period on the loan or credit card.

You can then repay the loan once you are out of the home and in employment again. 

However, it can be tricky to secure a loan without regular work and you might be hit by high-interest rates. Be sure to consider this option carefully, and consult a financial advisor if needed. 

Use Your Savings 

If you have savings or an emergency fund, it’s worth dipping into this to cover the cost of your stay.

Final Thoughts 

While most insurance companies will not cover sober living, there is always a chance that you can find a provider that will. Be sure to check all the fine print to see what cover they offer, you never know what you will find!

Even without insurance cover, there are ways that you can fund a stay at a sober living home yourself and continue your recovery at your pace.

Ryan Ascroft