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Fresno VA Medical Center – VA Central California is the hospital operating in Fresno County California. These are Veterans Administration hospitals. The TPS Quality Score has not been determined yet. You may request a medical record from any American medical provider, a California physician or from any other medical office in California via a secure HIPAA-compliant website.

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The VA Central California Health Care System (VACCHCS) is the VA hospital in Fresno, California. It is located at 2615 East Clinton Avenue and provides a wide range of medical services for veterans in the Central Valley. Services include primary care, mental health and specialty care.

Emergency Service Available

Do you want a medical record from Fresno VA Medical Center? Let’s do it ourselves. Just follow the simple steps outlined below: Yes, emergency service is available. Depending on the type of emergency, there are a variety of services that can be accessed.

Non-DAV van services

In the region several communities offer van service to the veterans. Find a list of the van service providers available in your region.

Fresno VA Medical Center

Our main campus offers primary care and specialty healthcare services that include vascular surgery and neurosurgery, pharmacology, ectopathology and many other services. Below is our location and hours, information on parking and transportation, and all health facilities available at Fresno VA Medical Center.

Health services offered here

Contact a patient advocate If you need help getting care or resolving an issue with VA, get help from one of our trained patient advocates. Medical records office Access your medical records online or request a copy of your records from our Release of Information office. Billing and insurance Pay your VA Central California health care bill online, by phone, mail, or in person. You can also raise issues or address billing disputes.

Help you manage many of your basic health care needs Answer questions about your current medications or medical condition Discuss your health care concerns and help you decide the best way to handle them Offer improved access to VA services COVID-19 vaccines Common conditions: coronavirus, COVID-19 We provide COVID-19 vaccines to Veterans as well as their spouses and caregivers.

Emergency care

Call 911 or go to a VA or other medical facility if you are experiencing a crisis. Our physicians are ready to help you identify the cause of serious illnesses, including severe chest pains. All our patients are able to receive emergency medical assistance at any time. Our medical personnel are able to assist you in any situation you may require.

Mental health care

Common disorders include addiction, mental illness or depression. VA hospitals have 24-hour support. You can get the same eligibility even if your medical insurance is nonexistent.

Average number of days to get an appointment

We can schedule a consultation in a shortest time possible. Sometimes we’ll arrange your consultation at a different medical hospital or clinic or refer you to a non-VA doctor in your community. For emergency care, we offer same-day appointments, phone consultations, and express medical care. All our tests and treatments are noninvasive and minimally invasive. Checks, Supports & Enhances the heart. You will get personalized treatment plans and be treated effectively with the best medication for you.

Homeless Veteran care

Our homeless services help those who have lost a job in a homeless community. Our service offers a wide variety of products, including free medical assistance. We are also happy to help you find resources within the community. We support Veterans homeless or in the position of being homeless due to unemployment, addictions or depression. Get in contact with a caregiver for support: Get more information or talk to a caregiver.

Returning service member care

If returning home after the service we are able to support you in adjusting your life to civilian life. You’ll also get help connecting you to services such as health and education counseling. VA Central California Health Services will assist in helping you return from military action to civilian life. Tell us about the most effective ways to maximize your medical benefits. Learn more by talking to one of the coordinators.

Veteran satisfaction with appointment wait times at this location

The VA measures Veterans satisfaction by scheduling timely appointments in every hospital they serve. The American Veterans Association uses the Consumer Assessment of Health Systems Survey as a standard for the healthcare sector.

In some cases, we may schedule your appointment at another VA medical center or clinic, or refer you to a non-VA medical provider in your community. For urgent health issues, we offer same-day appointments, telehealth visits, or walk-in express care. Addiction treatment for veterans is a specialized form of treatment that is designed to meet the unique needs of veterans.

What services do veterans need the most?

Mental health, medical and family problems are even higher (30%) for Vietnam veterans. Other physical and mental issues such as limb and head injuries.

I thank this hospital for taking such well care of their patients. The whole staff is both helpful and kind. I am infinitely thankful for the services and patient care this hospital provided to my family.

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