Does Humana Cover Suboxone?

Suboxone is a powerful opioid addiction treatment drug that has proven effective at helping patients overcome their addictions.

If you or someone you love suffers from substance abuse issues, Humana can provide you with Suboxone prescriptions.

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Humana was founded in 2013 by Dr. Mark Hyman, who is also known as The Doctor Oz Show host.

He is a board-certified family physician and author of several books, including The Ultrametabolism Diet.

Suboxone is considered a safe and effective way to treat opioid addiction. It helps reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and can even help patients get off of other drugs.

This article will discuss how Humana can provide insurance coverage for suboxone.

List of Drug Rehab Centers Accepting Humana Insurance

Drug rehabilitation centres with humana policies may be more effective than others in helping those with a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Most people are addicted to health-degrading drugs.

Peer pressure, curiosity, and stress can cause an increase in addiction. Some people can still get treatment with an alcohol or drug treatment program through their health insurance plan Humana.

Does Humana Cover Suboxone? | Bicycle Health

Humana covers Suboxone’s generic equivalents as Tier 1 medications and as Tier 2 drugs, a standard feature in many plans. They cover the rest of MAT, and are generally quite uniform.

Which rehabilitation centers accept Humana insurance?

Thousands of people are working with specialized addiction treatment centers to take Humanea insurance payments. Rehabilitation services for rehabilitative treatments may have total coverage depending upon the policy purchased from

Those addicted can also get same day admission in rehabs. A person who works in Humana plans can provide an individual a list of rehabilitation facilities that can help support the program. The trained treatment specialists will assist the patient to understand what insurance policies Humana offers.

Humana Rehabilitation Coverage

Can I use HumaniHealth insurance? Humana Insurance provides group and individual health insurance and offers a wide variety of Medicare plans including Medicare Advantage, Medicare prescription drugs and Medicare Supplement plans.

Individual and family plans offer medical coverage along with dental vision and pharmacy insurance, and employers can also access an array of Humana insurance plans. What is Humanas’ coverage? Humana Health coverage offers different plans to help people with mental health problems, including addiction treatment. Recovery centers are facilities that provide treatment and support to those recovering from addiction. A detox and drug rehab center is a facility that specializes in the treatment of drug addiction. Detox centers provide medical supervision to help people safely withdraw from drugs, while rehabilitation centers provide counseling and other services to help people recover from their addiction.

Humana Behavioral Health Coverage

Most Humana insurance policies provide services that are broad-based, including substance use services. This option is offered to all members of Humanas commercial policies and Medicare members. Humana Behavioral Health administers this program.

The MHIP Private Fee-for-Service program is not required for behavioral health service providers, or for those who are MA PMO participants. Notifications are necessary, but no authorization. You can find answers to questions on the Humana Behavioral Care provider website. Dual diagnosis treatment centers in Texas provide a comprehensive approach to treating mental health and substance abuse issues.

Dual diagnosis treatment centers in Massachusetts provide integrated care for individuals who have co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

Does Humana cover Suboxone Treatment?

If your health coverage is not included in the Humana plan, you will need a formulary. Humana offers 2 listings depending on whether a Medicare plan provides benefits or is a company-sponsored program.

The list has several possibilities available in order to find the most relevant list, Generally though most of them have very similar names. We have seen that employers’ plans and Medicare-based plans typically treat Suboxone as a Tier-2 or Level-2, and their generic equivalent as a Tier 1 medication.

What Is Humana?

Humana is an American health insurance company based in Louisville, Kentucky. They are he the second largest private company in the United States after Etna.

Formed in 1948 as the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, it has been active since then. Changed the company name to Humana Incorporated in the 1990s.

In addition to medical services such as primary care and dental care, Humana offers prescription drug plans, vision plans, life insurance and more.

Types Of Humana Insurance Plans

Humana offers three types of insurance plans:

Individual Insurance, Small Group Insurance and Large Group Insurance. Each type is available in both legacy and HSA compatible formats.

Individual Plan

This plan is designed for individuals who want affordable healthcare. Individuals can choose from her two different levels of coverage in Bronze and Silver. Both plans include deductibles and coinsurance.

Small-Group Plan

This plan is ideal for businesses with less than 50 employees. This includes a $1,500 deductible and 15% coinsurance.

HSA-Compatible Plans

The Large group plan includes a $3,000 deductible and 25 percent coinsurance.

Bronze Level HSA

Humana offers two HSA compatible plans:

Bronze and Silver. These plans offer similar benefits as non-HSA, except there are no deductibles.

Bronze Level HSA

This plan includes a maximum out-of-pocket expense of $6,900.

Silver Level HSA

This HSA plan includes a maximum out-of-pocket expense of $12,600.

What Is Suboxone?

Suboxone is an FDA-approved drug used to treat opioid addiction. It is a combination of buprenorphine (opiate) and naloxone (antagonist).

Blocks the effects of opioids on the brain. Regular use reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

How Does Suboxone Work?

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Buprenorphine blocks the effects of heroin and other opioids on the brain. Naloxone stops the effects of these substances. Together they prevent people from getting high and experiencing euphoria.

Together, this brings a strong sense of well-being. Patients feel less pain and anxiety. Sleep better and have less appetite.

If you are suffering from opioid addiction, you may benefit from Suboxone. However, not all health insurance companies pay.

Humana Mental Health Providers

Members can call the Customer Service number or visit their website to determine the Humana mental health providers that will be in-network for them.

If you have questions about coverage or Humana health providers, an advisor will be glad to answer them for you. Is Humana Mental Health Covered By Insurance? Humana insurance covers mental health services.

People with Humana insurance can contact a Member Service Specialist to find the right service providers for their needs. Many of the mental and behavioral health services provided by Humana are administered by Humana Behavioral Health, a subsidiary of Humana.

Humana Behavioral Health Coverage Most Humana insurance policies cover a wide variety of behavioral health services, which include substance use services.

How To Get Coverage For Suboxone Addiction Treatment

If you need to use Suboxone to manage your opioid addiction, you may be covered by Humana.

Apply online or call 1-800-955-5946 to speak with a customer service representative.

If accepted, a written confirmation will be sent. You should keep this letter with you so you can show it to your doctor at your next appointment.

You can also contact Humana directly if you have any questions about Suboxone Addiction Treatment coverage.

Humana is not required to accept all insurance applicants.

However, we try to get all applicants approved. If compensation is denied, you may appeal the decision.

Humana does not require pre-approval for medication. However, you can request proof of diagnosis from your doctor before your doctor approves your insurance coverage.

Humana Behavioral Health Providers

Notification is required, but authorization is not. If you have questions about Humana behavioral health providers, call Customer Support or visit Humana’s FAQs page .

Does Humana Cover Suboxone? Humana covers various addiction treatment services, including various brands of prescription medications. Suboxone is one of the many prescription medicine indicated for opioid addiction, which may be covered through Humana, depending on your plan.

Humana Coverage For Suboxone

Humana covers Suboxone if prescribed by a doctor. To receive treatment, certain conditions must be met.

  • You must be 18 or older.
  • Your doctor must prove that you are dependent on opioids.
  • The doctor should also confirm that her Suboxone is medically necessary.
  • Suboxone should be taken under supervision.
  • Do not take other medical treatments while taking Suboxone.
  • You should continue taking Suboxone for as long as you need it.

Do Other Insurance Companies Cover Suboxone?

Not all insurance companies offer Suboxone coverage. Some cover only the cost of the drug itself, while others only cover part of the cost.

Some insurance companies will cover the cost of his Suboxone in combination with another treatment. Other insurance companies may refuse to fully cover Suboxone.

This means that you may have to pay the full cost of the Suboxone yourself.

If you are concerned about whether your insurance company will cover his Suboxone, please consider contacting the insurance company directly.

Humana Customer Service Phone Number

The best way to get support from Humana is to call their customer service phone number.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Humana’s toll-free number is 1-800-922-5276.

callers can ask general policy questions and make claims. You can also see how much your monthly premium will go up.

Humana Customer Service Phone Number

The best way to get support from Humana is to call their customer service phone number.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Humana’s toll-free number is 1-800-922-5276.

callers can ask general policy questions and make claims. You can also see how much your monthly premium will go up. Residential treatment centers in Kentucky offer comprehensive care and support for individuals struggling with mental health and substance use disorders.

Alternatives To Suboxone

Suboxone has many alternatives. Some patients find it more effective than Suboxone. Others prefer Suboxone due to its easy availability.

Some doctors prescribe methadone instead of Suboxone.

This is another treatment option for opioid addiction. Methadone is similar to morphine, but without the euphoria.

Another alternative is Vivitrol. This is a prescription drug that prevents people from becoming physically dependent on opioids.

Blocks the effects of opioids in the brain.

Suboxone is one of the most common treatments for opioid addiction. However, other options are also available. Talk to your doctor to find out what’s best for you.


Suboxone is a highly effective drug used to treat opioid addiction. It is used to treat both heroin and prescription pain relievers.

Humana covers this potion. Please contact Humana for the types of coverage you are eligible for.

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