Does Humana Cover Rehab?

Humana insurance plans help millions of people across the United States get the care they need.

Substance abuse rehabilitation costs a lot of money, but insurance ensures that those who need it get the help they need.

Humana insurance plans are available in all US states, including Washington, D.C. But does Humana’s plan cover the cost of rehabilitation?

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Treatment for addiction is expensive, but those with Humana insurance will find that their plans cover at least a portion of the costs. The extent of this coverage varies by insurance plan.

If you have a Humana Plan, it is important that you review your insurance and the addiction services that Humana covers.

Below you can find out more about Humana’s insurance plans and whether they cover rehab.

Humana Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment

Humana serves nearly 13 million consumers worldwide with its largest health plan offerings. Humana offers numerous policies that are designed to fulfill the specific needs of users. Despite the large percentage of humana clients receiving addiction treatment coverage, there are some differences in coverage between plans.

Click on this link for a listing of facilities in the United States accepting Humana insurance. Humana can provide treatment expenses. Contact our agents for more information regarding insurance policies.

Humana Insurance Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Humana provides healthcare coverage to more than 16 million Americans. Among its health care services, Humana offers comprehensive health insurance for eyes, teeth, and prescription drug coverage. When it comes to paying to undergo rehab, you might wonder about the financial implications of the treatment.

Depending on your Humana Healthcare plan, your rehabilitation expenses should be covered. These pages will provide information about Humana, and what insurance plans cover substance abuse treatment for you.

List of Drug Rehab Centers Accepting Humana Insurance

Those who have a medical condition and are suffering from substance abuse or addiction are able to avoid the treatment expenses. The majority have no intention of taking or obtaining addiction to drugs for a medical purpose. Peer pressure and behavioural factors are also factors that cause an increase in dependence. However, addictions are often treated using a health insurance program like humana for treatment in alcohol or drug rehabilitation.

Is Rehab Covered By Humana?

Most people on the Humana Plan are eligible for drug rehabilitation.

The Affordable Care Act states that substance abuse treatment is a routine part of health care and should always be covered to the same extent as other health care settings.

Nevertheless, users cannot afford the luxury of choosing their preferred rehabilitation facility and having their insurance group cover all costs.

Like other insurance groups, Humana’s rehabilitation facilities have specific requirements.

Therefore, users should discuss plans with their insurance company before enrolling in any type of treatment or rehabilitation center.

Humana’s Substance Abuse Insurance Policy

If the plan’s coverage includes the cost of rehab, it will encompass five main features of substance abuse recovery facilities. 

These include:

  • Detoxification
  • In-patient rehabilitation
  • Out-patient rehabilitation
  • Prescribed medicine
  • Aftercare & Support

Insured people who don’t have this coverage listed in their main plan can pay for another addiction recovery coverage plan. 

Whether Humana pays for all of the rehab costs will depend on the insured person’s plan. Despite this, most plans will see that the insurance covers some, not all, of the treatment costs. 

No matter what the plan is, the costs of drug rehabilitation are only covered if rehab is medically necessary. 


A detoxification process is required if the user ingests a substance whose withdrawal is fatal.

Where applicable, Humana Drug Rehabilitation Insurance covers the cost of hospitalization, medication and necessary treatment as part of detoxification.

Your doctor will decide if you need detoxification.

In-Patient Stay

Inpatient drug rehabilitation takes place in a home so that patients can receive ongoing care.

Users should check their Humana Rehabilitation Insurance to see how long their stay is covered and if there are any requirements for their residential facility.

The Insured Person should be aware that some rehabilitation centers offer other services and treatments that are not considered medically necessary and are not covered by insurance. I have.

Outpatient Rehabilitation 

Outpatient rehabilitation is usually less complete than inpatient facilities.

Therefore, payers will likely cover more outpatient treatment time compared to inpatient treatment.

In this case, the patient is being treated at a facility, but goes home every day.

Rehabilitation centers must meet certain requirements if they want Humana to cover the cost of alcohol rehabilitation.

Kaiser Cover Rehab is a program offered by Kaiser Permanente to help individuals with physical disabilities or chronic health conditions.

Prescription Medication

Prescribed drugs may be one step in the recovery process from substance abuse.

Eligible medications and conditions vary by Humana plan.

Users should verify the Humana Pharmaceutical Coverage Plan they have before applying for prescription drugs.

Aftercare & Support

Rehabilitation coverage is not limited to admission to a rehabilitation center. Aftercare services are available to the insured to help avoid alcohol and drug use later.

These services typically include a 12-step meeting and individual treatment costs. This service can also provide an additional 30 days of proxy support after the initial rehabilitation period.

This helps patients make appointments and fill prescriptions for needed medications.

Individual And Group Plans

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Humana offers many types of individual and group plans, including Medicare plans.

Please note that although these coverages cover all states within the United States, not all products are available in all regions.

For example, only 20 out of 50 states have access to individual Humana insurance plans.

Humana group insurance is the most comprehensive. These plans are:


These plans have greater premiums with lower deductibles, so less money is paid upfront. These plans are usually more adaptable when including out-of-network providers.


These are Traditional and Open Access HMOs. Open Access will have the greater monthly costs, but it allows access to other providers. 


Premiums are greater, but there are fewer constraints on accessing other providers. Deductibles, copays, and coinsurance can be used here.

Point Of Service

This plan lets the insured decide whether they wish to pay more for an out-of-network provider but still receive some coverage. 

High Deductible Plan

The user will pay for lower premiums, but they need to fulfill a high deductible before the company’s coverage begins. 

Prior Coverage

The plan will cover healthcare costs in full until a particular limit. Once this limit is reached, the user needs to meet a deductible before the complete coverage begins again. 

There isn’t any particular group policy that is right for drug rehab. Users will need to work with their plan to receive the necessary help.

Humana Health Insurance Plans

Humana plans that include behavioral health insurance may cover alcohol and substance addiction therapy. Different Humana Health insurance plans provide varying levels of coverage. Most Humana programs, including Medicaid and Medicare, offer some level of outpatient and inpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment, but coverage varies by plan.

If you have a Humana insurance plan, the following AAC facilities accept Humana for drug and alcohol addiction rehab. AdCare Rhode Island : With various facilities located in Rhode Island, AdCare provides innovative, quality, and cost-efficient addiction treatment.

Locating Humana Rehab Centers

Most alcohol or drug rehabilitation services require prior approval. To receive certain services, users must consult a doctor and apply for substance abuse treatment with their health insurance company.

Humana Behavioral Health is the facility that handles these permits.

Medicare Advantage Private Paid Services Members, like Medicare Advantage PPO Members receiving services from nonparticipating medical facilities, do not need to obtain prior approval.

All others must be pre-approved.

The Bottom Line

Seeking treatment for addiction can be expensive, but insurance plans can help people cover some of the costs. there is a possibility.

Insured persons should check their plans and find the provider they need. You can contact your insurance company to check your coverage.

Does Tricare Prime pay for rehab?

TRICARE entails all treatment that helps improve function. This treatment has a medical significance. It is necessary.

Does Humana Cover The Cost Of Inpatient Drug And Alcohol Treatment? Depending on your plan, Humana insurance may cover full or partial costs of inpatient treatment for substance abuse . The coverage amount could depend on whether the inpatient rehab center is in-network with Humana and the length of the program.

Is rehab covered by health insurance in Canada?

Most of Canada’s population is eligible for Medicaid under the United States Medicaid system.

Which Rehab Centers Accept Humana Insurance? States That Offer Humana Insurance Seeking Addiction Treatment Using Your Humana Plan Top 10 Addictions Covered By Humana Insurance Plans Drug and alcohol rehab centers that accept Humana insurance can help reduce or even eliminate addiction treatment expenses for those struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and addiction.

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