Does Humana Cover Rehab?

Humana’s insurance plans allow millions of people in the United States to obtain necessary healthcare.

Substance abuse rehabilitation can cost a lot, but insurance allows those who need it to get the help they need. 

Humana’s insurance plans are available in every state in the US, including Washington D.C. However, do Humana’s plans cover the costs of rehab?

Does Humana Cover Rehab?

Addiction treatment is expensive, but people who have Humana insurance will see that their plan covers at least some of the costs. The extent of this coverage will vary depending on the insured plans. 

It’s important for people on Humana’s plans to confirm their insurance and verify which addiction services will Humana cover. 

You’ll learn more about Humana’s insurance plans and whether they cover rehab below. 

Is Rehab Covered By Humana?

Most people with a Humana plan will be able to obtain coverage for drug rehabilitation.

The Affordable Care Act outlines that treatment for substance abuse is a routine part of healthcare, so it should always be covered to the same extent as other health facilities. 

Despite this, users don’t have the luxury of choosing the rehab facility of their choosing and letting the insurance group cover all of the costs.

Humana’s rehab facilities, as with other insurance groups, will have certain requirements.

This is why users should talk to their insurance provider about their plan before they become dead set on a type of treatment or rehabilitation center.

Humana’s Substance Abuse Insurance Policy

If the plan’s coverage includes the cost of rehab, it will encompass five main features of substance abuse recovery facilities. 

These include:

  • Detoxification
  • In-patient rehabilitation
  • Out-patient rehabilitation
  • Prescribed medicine
  • Aftercare & Support

Insured people who don’t have this coverage listed in their main plan can pay for another addiction recovery coverage plan. 

Whether Humana pays for all of the rehab costs will depend on the insured person’s plan. Despite this, most plans will see that the insurance covers some, not all, of the treatment costs. 

No matter what the plan is, the costs of drug rehabilitation are only covered if rehab is medically necessary. 


The detox process will be needed if the user has taken a substance where withdrawal will be lethal.

If this is necessary, Humana’s insurance drug rehabilitation policies will cover the costs of hospital stay, medicine, and any necessary therapies needed as part of the detox.

The physicians looking after the patient will decide whether detox is necessary or not. 

In-Patient Stay

Inpatient drug rehabilitation is carried out at a residential location so the individual can receive consistent care.

Users will need to check their Humana insurance plan for rehab, to find out how long their stay will be covered and if the residential facility needs to meet any conditions.

Insured people need to remember that some rehab centers offer other services and therapies which aren’t deemed medically necessary, so they won’t be covered by insurance.

Outpatient Rehabilitation 

Outpatient rehabilitation is normally less thorough compared to inpatient facilities.

This is why the insurance provider is likely to allow coverage for a longer outpatient therapy period compared to an inpatient stay. 

In this case, patients will obtain treatment from a facility, but they will come back home every day.

If someone wishes for Humana to cover their alcohol rehab costs, the rehab center needs to meet certain conditions. 

Prescription Medication

There may be instances where prescribed medication is a step within the substance abuse recovery process.

The medications that are covered and their conditions will vary with each of Humana’s insurance plans. 

Users should confirm which Humana drug coverage plan they have before filing for any prescription medicine. 

Aftercare & Support

Insurance coverage for rehab doesn’t just involve staying at a rehab center. Insured patients can obtain aftercare services which can help them avoid alcohol and drug usage later down the line.

These services usually include 12-step meetings and separate therapy coverage. The services may also provide 30 more days of added support from delegates after the initial rehab period ends.

This can help patients schedule appointments and fill out prescriptions for necessary medicine. 

Individual And Group Plans

Individual And Group Plans

Humana offers different kinds of individual and group plans, including Medicare plans.

The coverage for these covers all states within the US, but take note, that not all products will be available in every region. 

For instance, only 20 out of 50 states can access individual Humana insurance plans. 

Humana’s group insurance plans are the most comprehensive. These plans are:


These plans have greater premiums with lower deductibles, so less money is paid upfront. These plans are usually more adaptable when including out-of-network providers.


These are Traditional and Open Access HMOs. Open Access will have the greater monthly costs, but it allows access to other providers. 


Premiums are greater, but there are fewer constraints on accessing other providers. Deductibles, copays, and coinsurance can be used here.

Point Of Service

This plan lets the insured decide whether they wish to pay more for an out-of-network provider but still receive some coverage. 

High Deductible Plan

The user will pay for lower premiums, but they need to fulfill a high deductible before the company’s coverage begins. 

Prior Coverage

The plan will cover healthcare costs in full until a particular limit. Once this limit is reached, the user needs to meet a deductible before the complete coverage begins again. 

There isn’t any particular group policy that is right for drug rehab. Users will need to work with their plan to receive the necessary help. 

Locating Humana Rehab Centers

Most alcohol or drug rehabilitation services will need pre-authorization. To obtain specific services, the user will need to ask a doctor to send a request with their health insurance for substance abuse treatment.

Humana Behavioural Health is the facility that looks after these approvals. 

Medicare Advantage Private Fee-for-Service members won’t need to obtain preauthorization, along with Medicare Advantage PPO members that receive services from non-participating health care facilities.

All others will need to obtain preauthorization. 

The Bottom Line

Seeking addiction treatment can be expensive, but insurance plans can help people cover some of the costs. Those with a Humana insurance plan are likely to have some of their rehabilitation costs covered.

The insured will need to confirm their plan and locate the necessary providers. You can contact your insurance provider to confirm the extent of your coverage.

Ryan Ascroft