Rehab Centers in Denver

Rehab centers in Denver, also known as rehabilitation centers or treatment centers, are facilities that provide various forms of medical and psychological care to individuals who are dealing with addiction, substance abuse, or mental health disorders.

There’s simply nowhere else that lets clients experience the natural beauty around them like we do in and around our Denver recovery center. From camping to hiking, skiing to snowshoeing, biking to whitewater rafting, we help our clients reconnect with the beautiful world all around them that they’ve been missing due to substance abuse.

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Rehab in denver centers may offer various levels of care, including:

  1. Inpatient or Residential Treatment – This type of treatment involves living in a facility for a period of time, usually 30-90 days, to receive intensive therapy and support.
  2. Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) – This is an outpatient program where individuals attend treatment during the day but return home at night.

Inpatient Rehab in Denver, CO

When someone is struggling from addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’ll be tough. Inpatient rehabilitation services can be an efficient way to become sober.

The center’s staff has been treating drug and alcohol addiction since 1998, employing modalities that treat an addict’s mind, body, spirit, and environment. Its services combine nutritional counseling, behavioral talk therapy, coping skills, emotional and lifestyle counseling, biochemical repair and restoration, and peer support.

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers Near Denver, Colorado

In 2020, according to data from CDPHE, there were approximately 1,500 deaths from drugs in Colorado. The annual average was 970 in the 5-year timeframe prior. In the same year, 12% of residents of Denver reported they suffered from an addictive behavior disorder. These percentages are much greater at a lower level than the national and local averages. Luckily, recovery can easily be done in the Denver drug best rehab centers near me facilities. Recovery may vary by individual but may include a program of treatment in detox, inpatient, or outpatient.

If you are able to find an addiction treatment center in Denver that accepts your insurance provider, your plan may even cover the entirety of the cost. To find which treatment programs are in-network, you can use the insurance filter to narrow down your search.

Our Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Process

Inpatients who have been diagnosed and treated with addictions include assessments, detoxification (detox) and treatment. Our acute stablers provide support to individuals suffering from anxiety or depression- center for treatment. You can start your program from our website.

Explore our Addiction Programs About Our Denver Rehab Recognized as a top U.S. drug and alcohol rehab center, Denver’s North-star Transitions boasts a highly trained and skilled team of clinicians. Continually working to enhance client services, we tailor programs to meet individual needs.

Northstar Transitions Denver

Auraria Parkway 201, # 201I Denver, Colorado 80205. 303-588-5400. Website review: 5.60 stars. It covers detoxification, residential treatment, partial hospitalisation, intensive and regularly outpatient and sober living care. These services include life skills training, education, clinical therapy, peer support, recovery prevention, motivation interviews.

Ongoing Care & Support After completing treatment, we offer Alumni Support Groups to help you continue your recovery momentum. These peer-led support groups put you in touch with others who understand your treatment and recovery experience.

Inpatient Options for Care

Denver residents can receive inpatient or residential care if they need 24-hour assistance. Inpatient Rehabilitation in Denver has patients staying with the facility throughout their treatment plan. Although all treatment options are different, patients will typically take part in different groups or individual therapy. It is usually 30 -90 days and is generally extended. This program has a structured structure and provides patients with the support they need. Some patients move into outpatient programs in the hope of gaining more assistance.

Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Inpatient rehab for alcohol addiction uses behavioral and psychiatric treatments as well as wellness training and recreational activities to aid in your recovery. Treatment can be useful if one has difficulty getting into alcohol or if a person doesn’t.

This option is provided for those who struggle with both addiction and other mental health conditions. Inpatient rehab therapies include therapy, family meetings, support groups, and educational programs. We also offer art, music, and animal therapy to encourage self-expression and recovery.

Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Inpatient treatment for drug addiction combines behavioral and holistic therapies, medication, educational programs, and recreational activities based on your individual needs.

Outpatient Options for Treatment

An outpatient program enables clients to stay in their home and receive regular therapy if needed. These programs offer the option to step out of inpatient or to give people less intensive care. Inpatient programs can be very different based on the length of time or intensity. Generally, a less intensive outpatient program may have the patient be referred one time per week whereas a partial hospitalization program may require that the patient receive treatment several days a week in a sober living home.

Though they have multiple locations across the state of Colorado, the Lakewood location offers access to several levels of outpatient treatment programs. Along with that, clients can also opt into sober recovery residences that house clients while they receive treatment for drug or alcohol use.

Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment is an integrated combination of behavioral & holistic therapies, drug education programs, & recreational activities to fit the person’s needs. Having a medical or mental health problem can be a life saving step for people who need constant medical care. Depending on the person, the duration will vary.

Day Treatment (PHP) 2-4 weeks of on-site day treatment. Our Teen Young Adult Day Treatment program, also known as Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), is a highly structured level of care that offers five days of robust programming a week.

Outpatient Programs

Once you complete your rehabilitation program your therapist will discuss your discharge program. The hospital has Changes® Outpatient programs, including partial Hospitalisation Programs (PHPs), as well as intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs).

Most treatment programs will include individual and group therapy, but some may also offer additional services like family addiction counseling or holistic programming. Insurance Options Behavioral health care including substance use disorder treatment is at least partially covered by health insurance.

Broadway Counseling Services

Broadway Counseling Services operates ten locations across Colorado, including one in Denver and the other in Englewood. The organization provides treatment for people who have been convicted of drunk driving offenses for over 25 years. The program offers services, including counseling for individual or group therapy weekly, relapse prevention techniques, anger management, and drug screenings.

All of the services, regardless of their customization, are trauma-informed. Available treatment services include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, EMDR, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. Each woman will also have access to a Love and Logic program that specifically helps mothers with young children learn the best ways to approach these situations.

Which is considered the most effective treatment for alcoholism?

AA shined a lot. Most studies on abstinence showed AA to be significantly higher than other intervention and without intervention. In an analysis, the drug had an effective rate of up to 60%.

Along with that, clients can also opt into sober recovery residences that house clients while they receive treatment for drug or alcohol use. Substance abuse treatment through AspenRidge includes family therapy, individual therapy, support groups, and a combination of several other modalities that creates a comprehensive, effective, and personalized program.

What is the Vanderbilt Institute for treatment of Addiction?

Our addiction services offer a variety of treatment options for patients who are experiencing addictions. Inpatient/inpatient care is provided depending upon you. During treatment, patients are given the support of our therapists in their recovery.

Therapy begins during detox and continues once the physical symptoms of withdrawal have subsided. At this stage, you may be offered dual diagnosis treatment. This option is provided for those who struggle with both addiction and other mental health conditions. Inpatient rehab therapies include therapy, family meetings, support groups, and educational programs.

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